We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find all of the information you need about selling your products to APMEX, no matter where you bought from. Many of the most common questions are answered below, but don't hesitate to call us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the plus sign next to any of the FAQs listed below to expand the entry and read our helpful answers. If you find you have any additional questions we do not cover here, please feel free to call our team during normal business hours at (800) 514-6318.

  • Do you have a minimum transaction?

    Yes. When you sell your products to us, our minimum purchase amount is $1,000.00 (USD).

  • How do I sell to APMEX?

    Selling your items to APMEX is easy, as it should be. When you are ready to sell items to us, just follow these simple steps:

    1. If you have not already done so, open a free account online.

    2. Call us at (800) 514-6318 and lock in your price.

    3. Securely pack and ship your items* in a new, unmarked box.

    4. Include the provided detailed packing slip and the confirmation number you receive from the APMEX agent.

    *NOTE: Currently we can only purchase from international customers if the items are being stored at a Citadel Depository.

    By selling to APMEX and using our APMEX Logistics, you agree to the APMEX Logistics Terms & Conditions.

  • How long has APMEX been in business?

    APMEX has been in business for more than 20 years and we have purchased over $1 billion of product from people just like yourself.

  • Do you have reputable industry references?

    APMEX has relationships with all the mints in the world and we are an Authorized Purchased of the United States Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Mint, Banco de Mexico, Austrian Mint and over 50 more.

  • What types of products do you buy?

    We carry the widest variety of products in the industry and are always looking to expand our inventory. We buy bullion, numismatics, semi-numismatics, rare coins and currency.

  • Do you have professional numismatists on staff to assist in identifying and authenticating products?

    APMEX numismatists have more than 100 years combined industry experience and are on-site to provide assistance to our Purchasing and Receiving teams at any time.

  • Do you lock in my price over the phone?

    Yes. APMEX locks in the price of your product over the phone so you are not at risk of any market or premium movement while your metals are in transit.

  • Do you offer an insured logistics solution that will get my products to you safe and sound?

    Yes, we offer a fully insured shipping solution through our exclusive partnership with UPS that allows you to take advantage of our discounted shipping and insurance rates.

  • Do you provide directions on how to package and ship products?

    APMEX will provide you with step-by-step instructions for packaging your products to give you peace of mind when shipping one of your most valuable assets. These detailed instructions not only protect your package, but will help protect you in case there is any issue during transit and an insurance claim needs to be filed.

    Please note: If you absolutely must re-use a box, remove all previously used labels and make sure there is nothing indicating "hazardous materials" or "dangerous contents," as your package may not be fully insured by UPS.

  • Can I sell today and get paid tomorrow?

    By using APMEX Logistics and selecting the Next Day Air option, in most cases we can remit payment to you the business day after you sell to us. The package must be received by UPS no later than 4pm during normal business hours Monday-Friday. When we receive your package, we will send you payment the next business day in one of the following ways (restrictions apply). You can select which payment method best suits your needs.

    Payment options for purchases of less than $10,000.00 (USD):

    1. ACH direct deposit

    2. Bank wire (a $25 fee will be applied)

    3. Check sent first class USPS mail

    4 Trade for product on

    Payment options for purchases of $10,000.00 (USD) or more:

    ACH direct deposit

    Bank wire

    Check sent first class USPS mail

    Trade for product on

    If we fail to process your payment by the next business day, we will send you a $10 voucher to use on a future purchase.

  • What happens if I don't send in the Precious Metals after a price has been confirmed

    Once your transaction is confirmed, we are expecting you to ship your metals to APMEX within one to two business days. If you are shipping using APMEX Logistics, there is no need to notify APMEX of the tracking number. If you are shipping to APMEX on your own, we require that you notify APMEX of the tracking number of the carrier you selected to ship. You will need to provide your tracking number by calling us at (800) 514-6314 or by responding by email to the purchase order confirmation within one to two business days. If we are unable to verify that your order is in transit, APMEX is subject to cancel your order 2 business days after the order is confirmed. Additionally, if your order is canceled, you will be liable to cover any market loss we incurred by accepting the order to buy from you in addition to a $35.00 cancellation fee. This is covered in our Market Loss Policy. Furthermore, you will not be permitted to buy or sell to us in the future, until any applicable fees are paid in full.

  • What happens if I accidentally send you the incorrect product?

    APMEX processes all packages under video surveillance. If you do send us items that we did not purchase or send the incorrect item, an APMEX representative will call you to resolve the discrepancy. In the event this happens, you will receive a new price for the product we received. If that new price is not acceptable, APMEX will gladly return the item at the seller’s expense, which will be deducted from the existing order total. APMEX cannot remit payment to you until the discrepancy is fully resolved.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Once we have issued a confirmation number, all prices are locked-in whether buying from us or selling to us. It is not our intention to enter into buying and/or selling transactions, accepting the risks involved only to have them canceled. However, we realize rare situations happen where orders need to be canceled. Should you elect to cancel and/or offset your order, you must do so during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) Monday – Thursday or 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET) Friday. All cancellations are subject to our Market Loss Policy plus a $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. Cancellations may only be approved over the telephone. At that time, if any market loss to APMEX has occurred, it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. If applicable, you may elect to pay any market loss by credit card at that time or, we will invoice you by email, in which you will have thirty days to pay the amount due in full. Furthermore, you will not be permitted to buy or sell to us in the future, until any applicable fees are paid in full. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of APMEX.

  • Do you offer the ability to sell and ship products without leaving my home or office?

    Yes. With APMEX Logistics, you have the flexibility and convenience to schedule a UPS pickup of your packages at your home or office.

  • I would like to personally deliver my Precious Metals to you. Can I do that?

    Yes. You may deliver your Precious Metals to us by pre-arranged appointment only. To lock in your price and make an appointment please call us at (800) 375-9006.

  • Do you have an internal security team that monitors all freight activity from origin to destination?

    Yes. Our internal freight carrier security team monitors each and every one of our incoming and outgoing packages for any unusual activity.

  • Can you provide video surveillance of my package arriving at APMEX and being processed, if needed?

    Yes. APMEX receives, checks-in and processes every order under video surveillance. In the event there is a discrepancy with what you send and what we receive, APMEX will gladly provide you a copy of the video for your records.

  • Will you keep me updated on the status of my order?

    APMEX will send you real-time updates via email and/or text so you are always aware of the status of your order from shipment to payment. To sign up for text message updates go to your account settings under manage preferences.

  • Do you charge a receiving fee?

    No, when you sell your items to us there are no receiving fees. The prices quoted are the prices we will pay.

  • Are there any other hidden fees for selling to APMEX?

    No, there are no hidden fees for selling your items to us. It's just that simple.

  • What happens if my package is lost in transit?

    If you see that your UPS APMEX Logistics package has not delivered to APMEX on or within a day of the estimated ship date, you may contact an APMEX representative and they will handle the claims process with UPS. A drop-off receipt for each package will be required in order to begin this process. Lost in Transit claims typically take between 10-15 business days of estimated delivery date to resolve. If the package is proven to be Lost in Transit, you will receive the dollar amount the package was insured for.

    If you used another shipping carrier and notice the package has not arrived at APMEX in the expected timeframe, we suggest that you contact the carrier with the tracking information for further details. Also, please contact APMEX if you determine the package is lost in transit or the delivery will be postponed.

  • What happens if my package is damaged in transit or the contents are missing?

    APMEX will have video evidence of all packages being delivered and, if applicable, showing any damage. Should your package have a shortage, this video evidence can be used in a claim. If you followed all UPS APMEX Logistics packaging instructions provided by APMEX, a claims representative will inform you once we submit your claim with the carrier. Concealed shortage claims typically take between 10-15 business days from delivery date to resolve. If the package was proven to be tampered with while in transit, you will receive the dollar amount insured for the missing contents. If the result of the claim investigation is there was no tampering with the package, your insurance may not be covered.

    If you used another shipping carrier and your package(s) come in damaged an APMEX representative will be in contact with you to resolve the damaged package. APMEX will have video evidence of all packages being delivered and, if applicable, showing any damage. Should your package have a shortage, this video evidence can be used in a claim.

  • What happens if APMEX finds a discrepancy with the items I sold and the items you receive?

    If your package arrives and the contents are not the correct quantity and/or ounces that were originally sold to us, an APMEX representative will contact you to resolve the discrepancy. In certain instances, there could be Market Loss involved, please see our Market Loss Policy. APMEX cannot remit payment to you until the discrepancy is fully resolved.

  • What is a W-9?

    A W-9 is a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. It is a commonly used IRS form that individuals and businesses provide to businesses that are paying them.

  • Why would I need to fill out a W-9?

    There are certain purchases of specific products in specific quantities that require APMEX to file a 1099B. In order to file a 1099B, we must have a W-9 completed to have the necessary information in order to file that form.

  • How do I know if I need to report my purchase and/or sale?

    APMEX is not a financial/tax adviser and therefore cannot provide tax advice. We suggest contacting your trusted financial/tax advisor to determine if there are any tax implications of your purchase/sale of Precious Metals.

  • What is a 1099-B IRS form?

    One of the purposes of IRS Form 1099-B is for a Precious Metals dealer to report the proceeds of customer sales to the dealer of any of the Precious Metals from the IRS Reportable Items List. If you have additional questions, please consult a tax professional for details on your specific tax situation.

  • Why is this form required to be filed?

    The 1099-B form is used to report any proceeds paid to a non-corporate seller to the IRS. This reporting enables the IRS to determine whether individuals who may be selling items as a source of income have properly reported the income from those sales on their tax returns. If you have additional questions, please consult a tax professional for details on your specific tax situation.

  • When is a 1099-B filed?

    Dealers are required to file a 1099-B form when a customer sells the minimum quantity of any Precious Metals product that is included on the IRS’s Reportable Items List. Reporting specification varies depending on the specific coin or bullion piece(s) sold. If you have additional questions, please consult a tax professional for details on your specific tax situation.

  • Which items are IRS-Reportable items?

    The IRS has specific rules related to reportable transactions that require a Form 1099-B to be filed and those rules are included in the Form 1099-B instructions on the IRS website. The following are guidelines provided by ICTA related to Precious Metal sales, and these guidelines, as well as the IRS rules, are subject to change at any time without notice.

    Reportable Item Minimum Fineness Minimum Reportable Amount
    Gold Bars 0.995 Any size bars totaling 1 Kilo (32.15 troy oz) or more
    Silver Bars 0.999 Any size bars totaling 1000 troy oz or more
    Platinum Bars 0.995 Any size bars totaling 25 troy oz or more
    Palladium Bars 0.9995 Any size bars totaling 100 troy oz or more
    Gold 1 oz Krugerrand as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
    Gold 1 oz Maple Leaf as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
    Gold 1 oz Mexican Onza as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
    U.S. 90% Silver Coins as minted Any combination of dimes, quarters, or half-dollars totaling $1,000 face value or more

Please call our Purchasing team at (800) 514-6318 to discuss your products if you would like a quote.

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