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The Golden State Mint

With two full-service facilities, the Golden State Mint offers rapid production on high volumes of Silver. It makes the mint a uniquely competitive organization, especially when it comes to pricing and delivery. For more than 40 years, the Golden State Mint has been manufacturing Silver coins, bars and rounds.

Golden State Mint History

In 1974, Jim Pavlakos founded the Golden State Mint. Later, Andrew Pavlakos joined his father’s business, together focusing on growing the mint. Part of that growth was cutting down on lead and delivery times and becoming one of the fastest-producing mints in the country. The Golden State Mint has facilities in both Southern California and Central Florida, enabling the Golden State Mint to offer its services across the country. The mint specializes in manufacturing Gold, Silver and Copper and can create coins, bars and rounds in various sizes and featuring any design. Additionally, the Golden State Mint prides itself on producing very little waste, which allows them to provide their customers with the best possible pricing.

Popular Products from the Golden State Mint

Known for their patriotic themes and beautiful designs, the Golden State Mint crafts some of the most sought-after rounds in the Precious Metals industry. These rounds are popular due to their unique designs and high Precious Metal content. Golden State Mint ensures the best quality products by using state-of-the-art processes and continually adding to and upgrading their equipment. They continue to maintain the high standards of their reputation and take great pride in creating quality products that leaves every individual who owns their products with a sense of happiness and pride.
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