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The Perth Mint Silver Coins

The Perth Mint is Australia's oldest operating mint, tracing its history back to Great Britain's Royal Mint. It remained under British control until 1970 when it became an independent mint. To this day, The Perth Mint operates under the same premises as when it began.

Quality of Products from The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has a long history of producing and refining large quantities of Precious Metals in the forms of coins, rounds and bars. The time-tested purity of The Perth Mint Silver makes the mint a member of an elite group of mints that produce coins whose value is trusted without hesitation. Their coins have significant numismatic and commemorative worth and many can be used as legal tender in Australia and other countries.

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Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing

Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing

The Best Way to Buy Silver

The Best Way to Buy Silver

The Value of Silver

The Value of Silver

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