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The British Pobjoy Mint

In 1965, the Pobjoy family started a mint that has since stood the test of time. Bringing a history of working with Precious Metals that stretches back over 300 years into the modern age, Taya Pobjoy is the second generation of the family to manage the mint as director.

Known worldwide for coins and medals of outstanding quality, governments, banks, corporations and other organizations from around the world seek out the Pobjoy Mint. The mint’s location in Surrey, close to London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports and the Eurotunnel, make it simple to transport products both nationally and internationally.

Balancing Tradition and Contemporary Technology

While the Pobjoy Mint has preserved its traditional numismatic customs, it also seeks to stay on the cutting edge of the Precious Metals industry. Pobjoy created the world’s first man-made Precious Metal, called Virenium, which has been used frequently in high-denomination coinage since 1978. Additionally, Pobjoy also invented the first hologram coin, the first braille coin, the first diamond-shaped coin and the first spinning coin.

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