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About Heimerle & Meule

Heimerle & Meule is a well-known precious metals and technology company based in Germany. Founded in 1845, it is one of the oldest active gold and silver refineries in Germany and has a long history in the precious metals industry.

Heimerle & Meule is engaged in various activities related to precious metals, including refining, recycling, trading, and manufacturing. The company is known for its expertise in producing high-quality precious metal products, such as gold and silver bars, coins, and alloys. Additionally, they supply precious metals to various industries, including jewelry, electronics, and dental.

Over the years, Heimerle & Meule has built a reputation for its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices in the precious metals industry. They emphasize ethical standards in their supply chain to ensure that the metals they use and trade come from socially and environmentally responsible sources.
As a technology company, Heimerle & Meule also invests in research and development to improve their production processes and offer innovative products and services to their customers.

Popular Heimerle & Meule Silver Products

Heimerle & Meule offers a wide range of popular silver products that cater to various industries and customer preferences. Some of their popular silver products include:
  • Silver Bars: Heimerle & Meule produces silver bars in various sizes and weights, ranging from small bars for investment purposes to larger bars, such as 1 kilogram options, used in industrial applications. These bars are typically made of .999 fine silver and may feature the company's logo or other markings for authenticity.
  • Silver Coins: The company also manufactures and trades silver coins, including commemorative and collectible coins. These coins often feature intricate designs and may be issued in limited quantities, making them attractive to coin collectors and investors alike.
  • Silver Alloys: Heimerle & Meule produces silver alloys with specific compositions suitable for various industrial applications. These alloys are used in the manufacturing of electronics, automotive parts, and other industrial components.
  • Silver Granules and Powder: Heimerle & Meule supplies silver granules and powder, which are essential materials for various processes, including electronics manufacturing, brazing, and metallurgical applications.
  • Silver for Jewelry: As a precious metals company, Heimerle & Meule provides silver materials that are used in the jewelry industry. They may offer silver sheets, wires, and other forms that jewelers can use to create beautiful and intricate silver jewelry pieces.
  • Sustainable Silver Products: Heimerle & Meule emphasizes sustainability and responsible sourcing in their operations. They offer silver products that adhere to high ethical and environmental standards, catering to customers who prioritize eco-friendly and socially responsible practices.

History Of Heimerle & Meule

Heimerle & Meule boasts a remarkable history that spans back to its inception in 1845 in the German city of Pforzheim. Two enterprising individuals, August Heimerle and Christian Ludwig Meule, founded the company as a precious metals refinery, with a primary focus on gold and silver. Their commitment to producing high-quality products soon earned them recognition, as evidenced by their first award received at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1867.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked a period of steady growth for Heimerle & Meule. The company expanded its operations and established a strong reputation within the precious metals industry, both in Germany and beyond its borders. However, like many businesses during that time, the two World Wars posed significant challenges. Despite the adversities faced, Heimerle & Meule demonstrated resilience and managed to rebuild after the conflicts.

With the dawning of the post-World War II era, Heimerle & Meule resumed its activities and played a pivotal role in contributing to the economic recovery of the region. The ensuing decades witnessed the company's ongoing evolution and modernization efforts, as it embraced advanced technologies to enhance production efficiency and maintain its commitment to delivering top-notch precious metal products.

In 1995, Heimerle & Meule became a part of the L. Possehl & Co. mbH group, a German conglomerate with diverse business interests. This association provided the company with added support and resources to further expand its reach and solidify its position in the precious metals market.

As the 21st century unfolded, Heimerle & Meule's illustrious history spanned over 175 years, positioning it as one of Germany's oldest and most esteemed precious metals refiners and manufacturers. During this time, the company embraced a renewed focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing practices. With a dedication to adhering to ethical and environmental standards in its supply chain and operations, Heimerle & Meule emphasized its commitment to not only producing exceptional products but also to contributing positively to society and the planet.

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