South African Platinum Krugerrand & Big Five Coins

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Platinum Coins from South Africa

In 2017, the South African Mint started to produce is popular Krugerrand design in Platinum to celebrate the 50 years of the production of the Gold Krugerrand coins. The Platinum Krugerrand has a limited mintage of 1,967 coins representing the initial year the Krugerrand was produced, 1967. Each coin is made from 1 oz of .9999 fine Platinum. The obverse displays the likeness of Paul Kruger along with "South Africa" in Afrikaans and English. The reverse features the iconic Springbok antelope design that has been on Krugerrands since their first mintage in 1967.

South African Mint

In 1941, what we know today as the South African Mint officially opened. Starting in 1961, South Africa introduced its own currency, including Gold coins, replacing British currency. The South African Mint was responsible for producing this everyday coinage. In 1967, the South African Mint produced its first Gold Krugerrand coin beginning its legacy of superior minting and international recognition.

Platinum Coins for Sale

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