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Other U.S. Dollar Coins

Starting in 1971, the U.S. Mint began producing coins depicting President Dwight D. Eisenhower. These coins differed from previous dollar coins, in that they contained no Silver, but instead had a composition the same as that of the circulating dimes, quarters and halves. Since then, these dollars have been made in clad composition, but special Silver editions aimed toward coin collectors have been released.

The Ike Silver Dollar (1971-1976)

Minted after the Peace Dollar, these Ike Silver dollars commemorate significant accomplishments of President Dwight Eisenhower. Selections are available from the 1971 Silver Dollar up to 1976. The obverse depicts the profile of President Dwight Eisenhower while the reverse shows the design of Apollo XI's insignia with an eagle flying over the surface of the moon. Meant to be symbolic of the success of the mission, these Silver Dollar Coins are high in value and add great diversity to any collection.

Susan B. Anthony Dollars (1979-1999)

Susan B. Anthony was a strong women's rights activist who was the inspirational voice in helping millions of women obtain different rights across the country. Minted in 1979, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin is a popular coin for collectors of all ages. The obverse displays a profile of Susan B. Anthony and the reverse displays the eagle with an olive branch flying over the surface of the moon. The 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin will add artistic and historic value to any collection.

Sacagawea and Native American Dollars (2000-)

Sacagawea is perhaps best known as the Native American guide who aided Lewis and Clark on their expedition west. Collectors can own Sacagawea Dollar Coins from the first date of issue with these collections or certified graded coins that are high in value. This is the first coin since the Peace Dollar with a different reverse image. There are two common images with these coins, one that displays an eagle spreading its wings and other reverse designs that change yearly depicting important parts of Native American culture.

Presidential Dollars (2007-2016)

These "Golden" U.S. Presidential Dollar Coins honor the nation's presidents. The United States Mint released the Presidential Dollar coins with four of them released annually in the order in which they served. The first set includes Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison. Every year will represent a group of new presidents. This unique set of U.S. Dollar coins will provide an excellent addition to your coin collection.

U.S. silver dollars are among the most popular coins for investors. If you are ready to add silver to your stack, browse five popular coins for collectors and find your next piece today.

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