Early Half Dimes (1794-1837)

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Before the nickel five cent coin's introduction in 1866, the five-cent denomination was known as the half dime. The half dime was one of the original denominations introduced when the U.S. coinage system began in 1792. Early Half Dimes consist of the Flowing Hair, Draped Bust and Capped Bust types. The Flowing Hair type was designed by Robert Scot who did much of our early coinage. This type was minted for only two years; 1794 and 1795. It was replaced by the Draped Bust type, which was minted from 1796 until 1805. These were also designed by Scot. After a run of 24 years in which no half dimes were produced, the Mint once again decided to produce them in 1829. The Capped Bust variety was designed by William Kneass.

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