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Buffalo Nickels (1913 - 1938)

Buffalo Nickels (1913 - 1938)
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Buffalo Nickels History Makes These Collectible Coins Popular Amongst Collectors

What is a Buffalo Nickel?

The term buffalo nickel refers to a five-cent piece struck in a copper-nickel alloy by the United States mint from 1913 to 1938. It is commonly called a buffalo nickel due to the famous American Bison Black Diamond depicted on the reverse.

Historic Numismatic Coins

In the 25 years in circulation, the Buffalo Nickel was one of the most popular coins in circulation. Today, that sentiment continues with numismatic enthusiasts because the value is extremely high. Whether you are attempting to complete a set, looking to add to your collection or looking for a specific year, there are several Buffalo Nickels from which to choose. Despite existing for nearly a century these buffalo head nickels have garnered attention from even those with passing numismatic interests. They were minted at the Denver and San Francisco Mints respectively to account for production from 1913 to 1938.

Rare Buffalo Nickels For Sale

APMEX carries a wide selection of Buffalo Nickels in many conditions. These rare coins today are highly sought after by collectors in part of its design, but also because of the legacy of the coin's designer. James Earle Fraser was a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the famed designer of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

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