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Geiger Mint Technology

The Silver bars of the Geiger Edelmetalle Security Line have exclusive features. One of these security efforts includes breaking away from the typical smooth edges. Instead, they are ribbed like many coins so it is difficult to file off small pieces, which many counterfeiters do. Each bar is also marked with individual security features.

Additionally, Geiger Edelmetalle paints specific spots on the reverse of each bar with a proprietary varnish. Under regular light, this varnish is invisible. But under UV light, the bars display the distinct markings of an LEV-rhombus and the year the bar was minted.

Combined, these proprietary features present serious obstacles to counterfeiters and offer investors additional protection and value. Geiger’s centuries of experience makes their products both prized and secure.

Geiger Mint History

The Geiger Edelmetalle mint dates back to 1218. Its founders worked to establish the first Silver trade in Germany. It started in Leipzig and was embraced by the rest of the world. Now, Geiger has offices near the grand Schloss Güldengossa castle. Geiger continues its role as a long-standing institution that represents excellence in Precious Metals.

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