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The CombiBar™

Valcambi produces the unique CombiBars™, which are detachable bullion bars designed to meet the current investment trend toward purchasing many Gold or Silver bars instead of a few large ones. This drive toward flexibility gave Valcambi the idea to produce single 1 gram and 10 gram bars with predetermined breaking points, so that it is easy to break them apart without losing any of the Precious Metal value. These bars come ready to break apart in sheets up to a total weight of 100 grams.

History of the Valcambi Mint

In 1961, Valcambi began as a metal refinery called Valori & Cambi. Over time, the names were combined as the refinery passed through the hands of various stewards. At one crucial point, Credit Suisse bought Valcambi and the mint became London and Comex Good Delivery. The early 2000s saw the Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the world’s largest Gold producers, become a strategic partner.

Now, Valcambi is returning to its core strengths and central business, manufacturing beautiful and innovative Precious Metal products. Their products are sought after around the world for their purity and reputation.

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