Citadel Verified

We want all customers choosing Citadel storage to have peace of mind that their Precious Metals products are genuine. Through Citadel Verified, we will authenticate your products, whether purchased at APMEX or not, before storing them in our first-class storage facility, backed by Brink's.

Product Authentication & Secure Storage

All products sold by APMEX are guaranteed for metal weight and purity. This is an assurance you enjoy when shopping with one of the most trusted names in the Precious Metals industry. However, we want to make sure you have those same assurances no matter where you buy from. When you choose to store with Citadel, even if you did not purchase from APMEX, we will verify that all products are genuine.

Benefits of Citadel Verified

  • Easy Process

    Fill out our simple form listing all items you want verified and stored. Once it has been approved by a Citadel Representative, you then ship your items directly to APMEX.

  • Flat Fee

    Whether you want us to verify one coin or 1,000 coins, you will pay a flat fee of $100 per storage request.

  • Trusted Name

    APMEX has been an industry leader since 1999 and all products we sell go through rigorous authentication. That same process applies to additional products you wish to store with Citadel.

  • Secure Storage

    Once your products have been verified, we ship them to our private storage facility managed by Brink’s where they are fully insured against theft, damage and physical loss.

Citadel Verified FAQS

  • What products do you verify?

    We will verify any bullion, certified or numismatic item, excluding Currency, Copper and Jewelry. Additionally, we are unable to accept 1,000 oz or larger Silver Bars and 1 kilo or larger Gold Bars. We are not currently verifying or storing any branded products from the Elemetal family of companies including those branded by Elemetal, NTR, OPM and Provident. Any products received from the aforementioned brands will be returned at the sender’s expense.

  • How much does Citadel Verified cost?

    There is a $100 non-refundable authentication fee per storage request. You are responsible for shipping all products to APMEX, insured, via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx or UPS. Once your products are stored in Citadel, the normal Citadel storage fees apply.

  • What is the process for storing my products with Citadel?

    If you have purchased from somewhere other than APMEX (some exclusions apply), simply fill out our Prior Purchase Form and email it to Once you have received confirmation from a Citadel Representative, pack and ship your products to us. After we complete our verification process, we will ship your products to our Citadel facility.

  • Why should I get my products verified before storing them?

    At APMEX, we guarantee the weight and content of every product we sell. We understand you may not always buy from APMEX, but you should be able to have that same peace of mind no matter what, especially when choosing high-security storage.

  • How does APMEX verify my products?

    APMEX is pleased to offer a unique blend of advanced technology along with decades of experience. It begins in our Receiving department where every coin, bar or round is carefully scanned using highly accurate and non-invasive technologies, such as X-ray fluorescence. Highly-trained team members then use a proprietary method to confirm the density and hardness of the metal, allowing a greater certainty on the makeup of the material examined.

    Next, the APMEX Numismatic team examines how the item is struck and how the product and even packaging compare to known genuine examples. Our Director of Numismatics has been active in the industry for 40 years and members of our Numismatic team currently teach courses to the American Numismatic Association on spotting counterfeits. Additionally, all PCGS or NGC certified coins are authenticated before even going through the grading process.

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