Low Storage Fees

Citadel customers enjoy some of the lowest storage fees in the industry for a first-class, secure storage solution, providing one of the most modern security services in the marketplace, backed by Brink’s.

Fee Information

Storing your Precious Metals with Citadel affords you many benefits, one of the most appealing of which is low annual storage fees. Some competitors charge nearly three times the Citadel cost for similar storage. Some depositories also charge higher fees for Silver products, while Citadel does not.

All Precious Metal products stored with Citadel are fully insured based on current market values. You have full, 24/7 online access to your holdings. Compare our published pricing and our costs for shipping and handling (when applicable) against any competitor for comparable storage.

For Non-IRA Precious Metal product storage, the standard Citadel storage fees are as follows:

Portfolio Value Storage Rate Monthly Storage Fee
Up to $32,727 0.55% $15* per month, billed quarterly
$50,000 0.55% $22.92 per month, billed quarterly
$100,000 0.55% $45.83 per month, billed quarterly
$1,000,001 0.50% $416.67 per month, billed quarterly
$10,000,001 0.45% $3,750 per month, billed quarterly
*Minimum Monthly Fee is $15
Portfolio Value Storage Rate
Up to $1,000,000 0.55%
Up to $10,000,000 0.50%
Over $10,000,000 0.45%

Use the slider to select your portfolio value and see storage rates, annual fees and monthly fees:

When you wish to ship products out of your account, you are subject to a handling fee ($50.00 for handling to U.S. destinations and $75.00 for handling to international destinations) as well as the actual cost of shipping and any accrued storage fees to date

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