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Maybe you've found an old coin or discovered a new love of coin collecting - whatever the case, APMEX is here to help you learn about the exciting world of coins.

What is the Value of My Old Coin?

What is My Old Coin Worth?

Coins always have some sort of value. They all have value equal to the face value stamped on them, but many have added collectible value, which can come from any number of factors. Some have value because they are old or scarce and are in remarkable condition. Some have value because they contain Silver or Gold or some other Precious Metal. Some coins have all of those attributes. Learn how you can determine whether your coins might have collectible value.

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What Nickels Are Silver?

You may know that United States coinage used to contain real Precious Metal content. But do you know how to tell which of the many issues or each denomination contain Silver? Doing with Nickels is surprisingly easy. Silver Nickels, also known as War Nickels, were produced for only a few years and can be easily identified by a few key markers. Learn how easy it can be to find Silver Nickels and take a look through your own pocket change - you never know what you might find.

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1945 Silver War Nickels

Why Coin Grading Matters

Coin grading was developed as a way for buyers and sellers to agree on the state of preservation of a particular coin. The grade of a coin greatly affects its value, as prices can increase dramatically as the grade goes up. APMEX leveraged partnerships with the top coin grading agencies to create CoinGrade+®, with data synced daily.

Most Valuable Coins Ever Sold

Rare Coins List

While many coins only have a value that equals their stamped face value, there are a number of coins that have incredibly high value to collectors. Whether that value is based on rarity, beauty or just one buyer's preference depends on the coin. However, there are several U.S. coins that have sold for well over $1 million. Learn about the top 10 most valuable coins that have ever been sold.

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Explore Other Popular Articles

From finding everyday coins that contain actual Precious Metal value to learning the history of a particular series, APMEX is committed to helping you better understand Precious Metals so you can make better-informed investment decisions. Read some of our most popular articles below and start your journey toward becoming a smarter Precious Metals buyer.

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Progression of Lincoln Cents

What is a Wheat Penny?

Learn how you can easily spot a Wheat Penny and why they are so special.

Rolls of Silver Quarters

What Quarters are Silver?

The easy way to spot a Silver quarter among your everyday change.

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