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APMEX Silver

9Fine Mint’s silver items are created using .999 fine silver. Silver offerings include bards, rounds, cast-poured silver, rounds, bricks, colorized silver, and celebratory items. These silver items are minted in the U.S. at the 9Fine Mint in Oklahoma.

About APMEX’s 9Fine Mint

9Fine Mint bars and rounds are made entirely in the United States using the finest grain to provide high-quality, visually appealing silver items. 9Fine Mint is an APMEX company and we guarantee the products.

9Fine Mint bars are IRA-eligible and can help create a strategically balanced investment portfolio. 9Fine Mint also carries ISO 9001 certification, which requires that our processes consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements per the ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Best Selling 9Fine Mint Product: 1 oz Silver Bar

Investors and silver collectors favor this bar as it is .999 silver and usually sells for as low as $4+ over the silver spot price. The obverse of this coin features the iconic American eagle and 13 small stars representing the original colonies, and the reverse displays the APMEX logo with weight and purity. Multiple of these bars can be purchased in sealed plastic sheets.

Featured Product: Stackable 10 oz Silver Bars

This 10-ounce silver bar is a great pick for silver collectors. They are sold for a low amount over spot, and they are stackable, contain .999 fine silver, IRA (Individual Retirement Account) eligible, and guaranteed. The design of the bars is simple. The obverse features the APMEX name, weight, and purity. The reverse displays the Scottsdale mint mark that ensures authenticity.

Silver Lunar Series

Like many mints, 9Fine Mint has a lunar series featuring bars and rounds. However, unlike many other mints, our lunar rounds are reasonably priced. For 2023, Year of the Rabbit, we offer rounds and bars ranging from 1/2 oz to 10 oz sizes. Because we own the mint, we can offer the lunar series product for as low as $4.29 over spot.

Special Occasion Rounds

These colorized silver rounds and bars commemorate special events such as birthdays, births, marriages, graduations, and anniversaries. These items are sold in the most popular size: one ounce of .999 fine silver.

Professional-Themed Silver Rounds

We have a line of rounds designed to celebrate first responders such as police personnel, firefighters, nurses, healthcare providers, and doctors. These are colorized one-ounce coins created with .999 fine silver.

Featured Product: Morgan Silver Dollar Design Rounds

The Morgan Silver Dollar design round evokes the timeless allure of America's numismatic history, offering collectors and investors a tangible piece of the past. Trounds faithfully recreate the iconic imagery and spirit of the original Morgan Silver Dollar, appealing to numismatists and enthusiasts alike.

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