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About Johnson Matthey Silver

Johnson Matthey Mint is a renowned precious metals refining and minting company with a long history in the industry. It was originally founded in 1817 in London, England, by Percival Norton Johnson, an assayer, and George Matthey, a goldsmith. The company quickly gained a reputation for its expertise in precious metals, particularly silver and gold.

Johnson Matthey Mint has been involved in various aspects of the precious metals industry, including refining, assaying, and minting. The company is known for producing high-quality bullion bars and coins, especially in silver and gold. Their products are widely recognized and trusted by investors and collectors around the world.

As a mint, Johnson Matthey has produced silver bars and rounds in various weights and designs. Their products are often sought after by investors due to their reputation for excellence and the assurance of purity and quality. Johnson Matthey silver bars typically feature the company's name, weight, purity, and a unique serial number for authentication.

It's important to note that while Johnson Matthey Mint has a long and respected history in the precious metals industry, in 2015 the company sold its gold and silver refining business to Asahi Holdings, a Japanese refiner. Since then, the Johnson Matthey name has been primarily associated with its earlier products, and the actual minting operations have been carried out by other entities.

For investors interested in exploring silver bars from other entities, the 10 oz APMEX branded bar is an excellent choice. This bullion product combines low premiums with an appealing design, as well as a respected name in the precious metals industry.

History Of Johnson Matthey

The history of Johnson Matthey Mint dates back to 1817 when Percival Norton Johnson, an assayer, and George Matthey, a goldsmith, joined forces to establish their own business in London, England. They started as assayers and gold refiners, quickly gaining a reputation for their expertise and precision in working with precious metals.

In the early years, Johnson Matthey focused on refining and assaying gold, silver, and other precious metals for industrial and commercial purposes. Their commitment to quality and accuracy soon earned them recognition as one of the leading assaying firms in London.

In the 19th century, Johnson Matthey expanded its operations and began venturing into the production of minted coins and bars. They worked closely with various governments and institutions to provide high-quality precious metal products. The company's commitment to quality and innovation led to collaborations with several countries, including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, where they produced coins and bars on behalf of these governments.

Throughout the 20th century, Johnson Matthey continued to grow and diversify its operations. The company expanded its refining and minting capabilities, developing advanced techniques and technologies to meet the increasing demands of the industry. They also extended their presence globally, opening refineries and mints in different countries.

Johnson Matthey Mint became widely recognized for its excellence and integrity, establishing a strong reputation among investors, collectors, and governments alike. Their products were known for their purity, quality, and attention to detail.

However, in 2015, Johnson Matthey made the decision to sell its gold and silver refining business to Asahi Holdings, a Japanese refiner. As a result, the Johnson Matthey name has been primarily associated with its earlier products and its historical significance in the precious metals industry.

Despite the change in ownership, the legacy of Johnson Matthey Mint lives on. The company's contributions to the refining, assaying, and minting of precious metals have left an indelible mark on the industry. Their name is still highly regarded, and their earlier products are sought after by collectors and investors around the world.
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