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Scottsdale Mint Silver

APMEX is proud to offer products from Scottsdale Mint, manufacturer of fine Silver bullion products in a wide range of styles. Scottsdale is known for producing some of the most notable and unique product designs in the industry, including the 2 oz Silver Biblical Coin Series, Tombstone Silver Nuggets, and old-fashioned Bisbee Silver Bars & Rounds.

The Biblical Series is an epic coin collection that will span a total of 60 releases over the course of 10 years. Each 2 oz Silver coin features a Bible story stunningly minted in beautiful high relief. Tombstone Silver Bars are a diamond in the rough with their unique rugged finish. These bars are reminiscent of Old Western days in the town of Tombstone, Arizona. Finally, Bisbee Silver Bars and rounds capture the essence of old-time mining operations in the West with their unique poured design and rustic feel.

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Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing

Why Silver is a Good Place to Start Investing

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The Best Way to Buy Silver

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The Value of Silver

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