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2 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar - MPM
2 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar - MPM
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Two oz Hand Poured Silver Bars

Two-ounce, hand-poured silver bars are unique as every bar's final form varies slightly. They are affordable and usually priced low over the silver spot price.

How Hand Poured Bars are Different Than Minted Bars

Hand-poured and minted bars refer to different processes in creating precious metal bars such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. They each have unique characteristics, making them appealing depending on what an investor or collector is looking for.

Hand Poured Bars:

  • These bars are made by pouring molten metal into a mold and then cooling it.
  • The result is a bar with a rustic appearance, each unique due to slight differences in how the metal cooled.
  • These bars often have a slightly rough or uneven surface and edges, giving them a unique, artisanal feel.
  • The markings on hand-poured bars are typically hand-stamped, which also adds to the uniqueness of each bar.
  • The actual weight of hand-poured bars can vary slightly from the stated weight, though not significantly.
  • These are often appreciated by collectors who enjoy their unique aesthetic qualities.

Minted Bars:

  • These are produced in a more industrialized process. The process usually involves cutting precisely measured bars from a flat piece of metal, then stamping or engraving them with the necessary markings.
  • Minted bars have a more uniform and polished look, with even surfaces and sharp edges.
  • The weight of minted bars is exact, and the markings are typically machine-stamped or engraved for uniformity.
  • Minted bars can sometimes have more intricate designs, often created with advanced machinery that allows for more detail.
  • These are often appreciated by investors who prioritize their precious metals' precise purity and weight.

Whether hand-poured or minted bars are 'better' or 'worse' is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some may prefer the rustic charm of a hand-poured bar, while others may favor the precision and polished look of a minted bar.

Popular Series: Day of The Dead 2-oz Bars

These hand-poured silver bars feature .999 fine silver, and their creation was inspired by the "Day of the Dead" (Dia de los Muertos) celebration. One side features a stylized skull mask, and the other side displays its weight and purity.


The sugar skulls used in Day of the Dead celebrations influenced these hand-poured silver skulls' designs.

Poker Face

These silver scores feature poker elements like dice and card symbols like the spade. This bar also features colorful toning on one side. The other side displays weight and purity.


These skulls are colorized, featuring a rose on the forehead and flowers in the eyes. Like the others, the back is stamped with weight and purity.


The cross versions feature a cross on the forehead, flowers in the eyes. and colorized elements. The back is stamped with weight and purity.


This skull features a design of a highly detailed sugar skull with a spiderweb with a spider hanging below. Centered above the eyes is a keyhole, along with a key. Each eye displays a traditional marigold flower with a mustache and festive ornate designs.

Our Most Popular 2-oz Hand Poured Item: 9Fine Mint Cross

This 2-oz cross consists of .999 fine poured silver. The obverse displays the weight, purity, and 9Fine Mint logo. The reverse is intentionally left blank, as are many hand-poured bars. APMEX guarantees these bars.

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