Flying Eagle Pennies (1856-1858)

40 80 120
1858 Flying Eagle Cent MS-65 NGC CAC
1858 Flying Eagle Cent MS-65 NGC CAC
Any Quantity
Grade Mintage Population
24,600,000 20

Flying Eagle Pennies

APMEX offers a superb selection of Flying Eagle pennies. Released in 1857, Flying Eagle pennies were created to replace the unpopular large-sized Copper pennies. Called “nicks” because they now contained nickel instead of just Copper, Flying Eagle pennies have proved extremely popular over the decades, especially since it is such a short series. The 1856 Flying Eagle cent is technically a pattern coin, but due to its popularity and large mintage (for a pattern), it has been widely collected. It has also been widely counterfeited. The original mintage of this date was estimated to be 1,000 coins but has been updated to approximately 1,500 to 2,500 coins. The 1858 has both large and small letter designs.

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