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Legendary Cultures.
Historic Firsts.

In 2016, KOMSCO introduced the 1 oz Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang Medal, honoring this legendary figure. The Silver medal saw immediate widespread appeal for its .999 fine Silver content, unique design and exceptionally detailed finish. Only 30,000 of these medals were produced with just 50% of that available outside of South Korea. Shop this first release now.

3 coin box

The Legacy Continues

To follow up on such a popular launch, KOMSCO introduced a new design for the 2017 Proof Silver and Gold medals. As Chiwoo Cheonwang is known for his leadership in battles, this image of Chiwoo on horseback truly embraces the powerful tribal hero. Available in both Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated finishes, the second design continues the legacy of the series and creates an outstanding collectible.

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Gold and Silver Coins

Uncovered History

After a successful 2017 1 oz Silver medal release, APMEX was pleased to discover two special back-dated issues that had been produced but never made available to the public. These never-before-seen 2016 products, a 1 oz Proof Silver medal and a 1 oz Gold medal, are available exclusively at APMEX with only 2,016 of each produced. On top of that, APMEX offered 250 sets containing all three 2016 releases in a custom presentation box with a beautiful certificate of authenticity. Shop these three-coin sets while supplies last.

Discovered in Scarcity

The Silver bullion releases in the Chiwoo Cheonwang series each have limited mintages, with the inaugural release seeing just 30,000 produced. However, these two newly discovered medals are extremely rare when considering the bullion mintages, as only 2,016 each of the Proof Silver and Gold were produced. On top of that, APMEX has made just 250 sets available.

Silver Bullion

2017 1/10 oz Gold Medals

Broadening the audience appeal for the series, KOMSCO released a 2017 1/10 oz Gold Chiwoo Cheonwang medal showcasing the powerful design of the Chiwoo on horseback. Each 1/10 oz Gold medal is packaged in an exceptional assay card, displaying an up-close image of the Chiwoo shield. The assay card is available in four colors – white, black red and blue – and the mintage has been capped at 25,000 across all four assay cards. Shop fractional Gold Chiwoo Medals now.

The Legend of Chiwoo

This name Chiwoo Cheonwang may have little meaning to most Americans but holds great significance in Chinese and Korean cultures, similar to Charlemagne of the Western world. Chiwoo was a tribal leader of the Nine Li tribe in ancient China. He is best known for his leadership in battles against the man who would become the Yellow Emperor. Chiwoo is recognized as one of the three legendary founding fathers of China and as the 14th head of Shinshi, the first Korean state. Also worshipped as the God of War, Chiwoo’s story tells of many exploits that can only be described as mythological. It is said during his epic battles against the Yellow Emperor's forces, he breathed out a thick fog to obscure the sunlight and conjured storms. Shop the full Chiwoo Cheonwang series today.

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Impeccable Quality

The Chiwoo Cheonwang products are revered for their designs, limited mintages and finishes. The newly discovered releases will only further that appeal. The 1 oz Gold medal is truly a sight to behold as it is considered a bullion product but has a Prooflike finish. The detail and impeccable finish, similar to that of the 1 oz Proof Silver medal, make the design pop and both will be considered true collector’s items.

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