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Korea Minting and Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corporation

Popular KOMSCO Rounds

Korea Minting and Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corporation, better known as KOMSCO, is the sole currency manufacturer for the Republic of South Korea. KOMSCO produces all circulating coins and currency used in South Korea. KOMSCO produces about 1.7 billion coins per year.

KOMSCO are well known for their efforts to combat counterfeiting. For example, the South Korean tiger and the phoenix rounds are protected using latent letter changing technology.

Chiwoo Cheonwang

The obverse features the shield of Chiwoo Cheonwang with the image of Do ggae bi, who, in traditional Korean folklore, was thought to ward off evil spirits. The reverse features Chiwoo Cheonwang, considered by some to be one of the founding fathers of China. Some consider him a god of war, others a guardian figure.

South Korean Tiger

The Korean Tiger Silver bullion round features a tiger. The reverse features the Korean Peninsula embodied in "Hangul." The tiger is considered a symbol of good luck, power, and courage. The tiger round is a limited mintage item.

Silver Phoenix

The South Korean silver phoenix on the obverse it features a phoenix positioned in the sky, looking over South Korea. The reverse features an emblem of a pair of phoenixes and the flag of South Korea. The Korean phoenix, also known as Bonghwang, is a mythical creature representing fortune and harmony.

How much are KOMSCO Rounds Worth?

The value of KOMSCO rounds depends on influences such as silver spot prices, demand, and rarity. Many of the silver rounds have limited mintages. For example, only 30,000 of the 2022 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Tigris bullion were minted. The 2021 South Korea 1 oz Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang bullion rounds were limited to 40,000.

KOMSCO rounds fill a unique place in the bullion rounds vs bullion coins discussion since they are privately minted but KOMSCO is owned by the South Korean government.


KOMSCO stands for Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation. It is a government-owned corporation in South Korea that specializes in producing coins, banknotes, security documents, and other related products. KOMSCO was established in 1951 and is responsible for manufacturing and distributing the country's currency in South Korea.

Currency Production

KOMSCO is responsible for the production of all South Korean banknotes and coins. They handle the entire process, from designing and printing banknotes to minting and distributing coins.

Commemorative Rounds and Medals

KOMSCO creates commemorative coins and medals to celebrate significant events, anniversaries, and cultural heritage in South Korea. These special rounds are often collector's items and are released in limited quantities.

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