Barber Half Dollars (1892-1915)

40 80 120
1892 Barber Half Dollar MS-64 PCGS
1892 Barber Half Dollar MS-64 PCGS
Any Quantity
Grade Mintage Population
0 934,000 248

Uniquely Designed Barber Coins Hold Value for any Collection

Barber Half Dollar Coins are collected by numismatic collectors all over the world. The design replaced the overly popular Seated Liberty design that was one of the largest circulated coins. Charles Barber's design was the first to implement the words, “In God we Trust”. The Barber coin holds high esteem among collectors today because it replaced the Seated Liberty and started a new era in U.S. Coinage.

The Barber Halves provide users with a high level of value and is rare. Collectors and history lovers will find a number of Barber half coins that will add value and diversity to any collection. Buy your Barber Half Dollars from APMEX today.

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