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The Tuvalu Black Flag Series coins, minted by the Perth Mint, evoke the spirit of adventure and commemorate history's most formidable figures who once ruled the seas. Whether you're a collector or an enthusiast, these coins offer an exciting glimpse into the world of pirates, preserving their legacy with every piece.

Black Flag Coins

This limited mintage series has proven popular among collectors, especially those fascinated with pirates and history. In fact, it has been so successful that they decided to expand the options available in 2023.

These coins are available in gold and silver, with silver being the most popular. Most versions are graded MS-70 versions.

The Fancy (Fifth Release)

The coin series features Henry Every, also known as "The King of Pirates," who captained a notorious vessel named the Fancy in the late 17th century. Every's exploits aboard the Fancy cemented his place in pirate lore as one of the most successful and elusive pirates of his time.

The Rising Sun (Fourt Release)

The Rising Sun, a notorious pirate ship, struck fear into the hearts of sailors throughout the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. Renowned for its speed and agility, the Rising Sun was captained by the enigmatic pirate known only as "Red Jack," whose cunning tactics and merciless raids made him a legend of the seas.

The Red Flag Fleet (Third Release)

The Red Flag Fleet, led by the infamous pirate queen Ching Shih, was one of history's most formidable pirate fleets. Operating in the South China Sea during the early 19th century, the Red Flag Fleet terrorized merchant ships and coastal towns with unmatched brutality and organization. With hundreds of vessels under her command, Ching Shih ruled a vast pirate ship empire.

Previous releases included the first release featuring Blackbeard and Queen Anne’s Revenge and the second release commemorating Black Bart and the Royal Fortune. While we do not offer these versions, you may be able to find them in secondary markets if you are hoping to complete your collection.

Why Purchase Graded Versions?

Investors often choose to purchase graded coin versions for several reasons. Grading objectively assesses a coin's condition, authenticity, and rarity by professional grading services, adding trust and confidence to the purchase. Graded coins are encapsulated in tamper-proof holders, preserving their condition, and protecting them from damage or deterioration. Additionally, graded coins typically command higher prices in the market due to their certified quality and consistency, making them more desirable for collectors and investors. Purchasing graded coins can simplify the buying process by eliminating the need for individual evaluation and negotiation of each coin's condition, saving time and effort for investors.

The Perth Mint and Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. Despite its small size and population, Tuvalu has gained recognition in the numismatic world due to its unique partnership with the Perth Mint. Tuvalu has authorized the production of legal tender coins featuring popular themes such as pop culture icons, wildlife, and historical figures. These coins are minted by the Perth Mint and are often sought after by collectors for their intricate designs and limited mintage.

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