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90% Silver Coins - $1,000 Face-Value Bag

90% Silver Coins - $1,000 Face-Value Bag

Any quantity only $0.49 per oz over spot!
90% Silver coins circulated in the United States for almost 175 years. The increasing value of the metal saw the discontinued use of Silver in coinage, adding interest to collectors and investors.

Product Highlights:

  • Contains approximately 715 oz of 90% Silver.
  • Coins come packaged in two heavy duty canvas bags.
  • Each bag contains only one denomination of Dimes, Quarters, or Half Dollars (our choice).
  • All coins are dated 1964 and prior.

This product is a great way to add several ounces of Silver to your portfolio. Add a $1,000 Face-Value Bag of 90% Silver Coins to your cart today!

Dates and denominations you receive will be of our choosing, determined by stock on hand.

Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.

The history of 90% Silver coins

Before 1965, 90% Silver coins were regular coins used for everyday commerce. Today, these Silver coins are either collectible coins because they are rare and highly sought after, or these Silver coins are sold in bulk as junk Silver, a term that is misleading because the coins are anything but junk. Junk Silver coins are actually highly prized by investors who know that the Silver content of these coins is high and, therefore, valuable as an investment because the premium over spot price is very affordable. The reason APMEX has Silver coins for sale as a Precious Metal commodity, rather than the U.S. government using them as circulating coinage, happened as a result of the Coinage Act of 1965, which recognized the actual value of the Silver was exceeding the face value on the coins.

Why invest in 90% Silver coins?

Coin bags of 90% Silver coins with a legal tender face value of $1,000 have a Silver content of roughly 715 troy ounces, making these bags of coins much more valuable for their Silver content. The Silver coin has been a basis for money since early civilizations, and for many it makes sense to hold onto a reserve of legal tender that has a Precious Metal value, because that value has endured over the centuries. APMEX has Silver coins for sale because they are so valuable, they make an ideal investment with a low premium over spot price of Silver. Also known as junk Silver, these Silver coins are anything but junk. Silver coins are valuable investments in a highly sought-after Precious Metal.

Know your Silver coins to get the best value when buying Silver.

90% Silver coins include dimes, quarters and half-dollars circulated in the United States as legal tender before 1965. Some Silver coins for sale with a 1964 mint stamp were actually minted as late as 1966 because the secretary of the Treasury was able to continue striking 90% Silver coins until there were enough clad coins in circulation. Many Silver coins minted before 1965 are also considered collector coins because they are rare and highly sought-after. These coins are not just the best choice for people interested in investing, as a large quantity of these old 90% Silver coins are more common and are purchased for their Silver content. Pre-1965 coins, known as junk Silver, are 90 percent Silver with 10 percent copper, which makes the coins durable, attractive and highly valuable today for the coins’ Silver content.

Customer Reviews of 90% Silver Coins - $1,000 Face-Value Bag
90% Silver Coins - $1,000 Face-Value Bag
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A handful of the coins worn very thin

By  rockhound

from Santee, Ca


A handful of the coins were worn very thin . If you are figuring the weight of silver , it would probably take almost 2 of the worn thin coins to weight as much as 1 unworn coin .

great product from a great company

By  n/a

from cleveland, ohio


Great value on an important product


  • Easy to Sell
  • Value (low premium over spot)


from CO


I'm a big fan of 90% US Silver coins (sometimes called "junk silver"), as they are a great way to invest in bulk silver. Usually, the sell at very close to spot, which just means you can buy more silver for the same amount of capital. And, yes, there is just something about the sound of a handful of silver quarters that cannot be matched! US silver coins are also great, I think, because they are easy to sell and universally recognizeable by even people who don't know about American Eagles and Maple Leafs, etc (and a quick look at the date verifies silver content).


from CA


This is by far the best "bang for your (fiat) buck".


from GA


Another excellent product often at spot price or very close to it. Keep a watch for those great deals, which occur often and buy with confidence.

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Know the differences in 90% Silver coins for collecting and investing.

Not all 90% Silver coins from before 1965 are considered junk Silver, or good investment coins without any numismatic or collector value. Some Silver coin designs have historic value, making the Silver coins popular with collectors. Silver coins for sale prized by American history buffs include more rare versions of Kennedy half dollars, Washington quarters, Walking Liberty half dollars, Franklin half dollars, Mercury dimes and the Morgan dollar. Those of these pre-1965 Silver coins that are considered rare are prized for their beauty and their historical significance.



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