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APMEX Gold and Silver Sitemap

Top Precious Metals Picks

Gold and Silver Exchange Made Easy

Building your Precious Metals investment is simple with APMEX, the nation’s leading Gold and Silver exchange retailer. Silver and Gold options abound, whether you are interested in coins, bars, bullion or jewelry. Track fluctuations in Gold and Silver prices, as well as other Precious Metal prices, with easy access to historical data and APMEX’s real-time spot price updates and alerts for Silver and Gold. Lock in Gold and Silver prices and other Precious Metal prices during the buying process to ensure top value for your investment. In today’s economy, Precious Metals investment represents a sensible and reliable store of value and buying power. Through APMEX, growing your personal reserve of Gold and Silver has never been more satisfying and secure.


APMEX Gold Exchange for the Digital Age

Long-time investors and novices alike turn to APMEX for its extensive Gold collection sourced from private and government mints. Take a moment to browse our product options, including Gold bars for sale, Gold Eagle coins, rare Gold pieces and thousands of additional Gold products. Gold per ounce and Gold price in USA information, as well as other Gold exchange resources, are available 24/7 through APMEX. The Gold price in USA is subject to several factors, including worldwide supply, demand and other macroeconomic conditions. Learn more about Gold per ounce prices through APMEX’s educational resources. Gold bars for sale and Gold Eagle coins are among APMEX’s extensive options available for securing your wealth in a climate of uncertainty.


Extensive Silver Exchange Options Through APMEX

Silver exchange is booming as a secure and affordable form of Precious Metals investment. Collectors and investors are increasingly sourcing their Silver through APMEX, with options ranging from rare 1922 Silver Dollars to Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Act today to lock in current Silver per ounce prices and explore your options for Silver coins for sale, Silver bars, bullion, jewelry and thousands of additional Silver products through APMEX. Silver per ounce spot prices are simple to track and compare against historical data. Whether you prefer the historical significance of a rare 1922 Silver Dollar or the internationally recognized security of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins, APMEX is committed to providing the resources you need to customize your personal Silver collection.


Explore Investment Options in Platinum Coins

Long used for industrial purposes, traders are increasingly welcoming Platinum coins and Platinum bullion into their investment portfolios. This lustrous Silvery-white Metal is known for its shine and impressive strength. APMEX’s selection of Platinum bullion is unparalleled in the Precious Metals industry. Explore Platinum values sourced from around the world, including mints in China, Switzerland and Isle of Man. Customers may also register for free instant updates on the price of Platinum. Add Platinum to your Precious Metals collection today and watch the value of your investment portfolio grow.


APMEX Deals Allow You to Access Bullion at Discounted Prices

Taking the plunge into Precious Metals requires a financial commitment. Whether you are new to Precious Metals or have years of experience, a good deal is hard to pass up. You can find Silver and Gold bullion savings that will help you start a collection or add to an existing collection at great prices. APMEX deals will change from time to time but the bullion products you find will make fine selections in your collection. In the deals section, you will find wide-ranging products from mints all over the world.


Rare Coins, Collectible Coins Among APMEX’s Specialty Inventory

APMEX carries a large range of collectibles and rare coins that make great additions to any portfolio or collection. Rare coins, U.S. coin sets, collectible coins, historical coins, ancient coins, antique coins and even Confederate currency are available in APMEX’s inventory. Gold and Silver exchange resources also provide a simple platform for selling your unique personal assets at the best possible prices. APMEX employs experts specially trained in authenticating and valuing rare coins, U.S. coins, collectible coins, historical coins, ancient coins and antique coins. In addition to Silver and Gold, collectors will find fractional currency, national bank notes, stock and bond certificates, Confederate currency and other mediums of exchange recognized for their international and historical significance.

Other Items

Jewelry, Silver Statues, Coin Supplies, Palladium Among APMEX’s Specialty Inventory

APMEX’s inventory extends far beyond the standard Silver and Gold offerings you have come to expect from Gold and Silver exchange retailers. Rare coins, Palladium, Copper and coin supplies round out the large variety of products that APMEX carries. You do not have to go through multiple sources to find what you need. APMEX carries jewelry, Silver statues, coin supplies and Palladium at competitive prices. Whether you need a bar or capsule, APMEX carries it. You can also diversify your collection with Silver statues and Palladium bullion. If you are looking for gifts, you can buy jewelry to fit any occasion. There is no shortage of inventory from APMEX. With so many items from which to choose, your Precious Metals needs are met here.

Sell to the American Precious Metals Exchange

Selling Gold, Selling Silver is Simple, Market-Driven Through APMEX

Interested in where to sell Gold or how to sell Silver coins? Known for its unmatched customer service, value and security, it’s obvious why APMEX has become one of the nation’s largest buyers of Precious Metals and a hub for traders to sell Gold and sell Silver. To begin selling Gold and selling Silver, simply open a free account and speak with a purchasing agent. Details of the transaction, as well as shipping and payment information, will be confirmed via email. APMEX is committed to transparency and publishes APMEX Buy Prices throughout its website for many of its most popular products. Customers looking to sell Gold and sell Silver will find fair market-driven prices and no hidden sale fees. Deciding where to sell Gold doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable. Thousands of satisfied customers agree that whether you are seeking to sell Silver coins or sell Gold bars, APMEX is committed to your success.


APMEX: Top Choice for Precious Metals IRA, Gold Price Alerts, Silver Price Alerts

With 15 years of leadership in the Precious Metals industry and a reputation for exceptional customer service, APMEX has become more than just a marketplace to buy and sell Gold. Through APMEX, investors will find resources on how to roll their 401(k) into a Precious Metals IRA, including a wide selection of clearly categorized IRA-approved products. APMEX is committed to keeping you informed with free Gold price alerts and Silver price alerts. APMEX reviews from customers and Gold dealer reviews tell of fast processing, discreet and secure shipping and overall satisfaction. Based on more than 30,000 APMEX reviews, APMEX is rated 9.6 out of 10. Gold dealer reviews further reflect APMEX’s position as a trustworthy Precious Metal retailer with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. With more than $7.75 billion in transactions and more than 10,000 products in stock, APMEX is the secure choice for collectors and investors to buy and sell Gold and other Precious Metals.


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