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Payment Certificates for Military Use in Several Denominations

There is a wide selection of vouchers for military use available at APMEX. Whether you are looking for 5 cent denominations or 10 dollars, APMEX has a selection that is perfect for novice and experienced collectors. The 10 dollar denominations were one of the most widely circulated. The designs and color schemes differ from issue to issue and from denomination to denomination.

Collectors can own a piece of history in their hands by owning these certificates for military use. From 1946 to 1973 certificates were used in Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Netherlands, the Philippines, Ryukyus, Scotland, Trieste, and Yugoslavia. Later payment certificates were used in Vietnam for a short time before the end of the war. Payment certificates are found in various denominations but the value of them remain high because of their historical significance.

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