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Rare Coins & Currency (Elite Picks)

Rare Coins & Currency (Elite Picks)
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Rare Coins FAQ

What old coins are worth money?

There are many old coins worth money in the market today, to both investors and avid collectors. With values based on factors such as design, availability, and Precious Metals content, anyone with interest in collecting old coins can find something appealing to acquire. Liberty Gold Eagles from the 19th century are among the most valuable historical coins on the market. Minted with a number of different designs, including the $10 Turban Head Gold Eagle and the $5 Gold Capped Head Half Eagle, every old coin has a unique history, and therefore sells at a different price. Other older coins that have substantial value in the collectors market today include the 1837 Liberty Seated Dime and the 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar.

Is there an official rare coins list?

While there is no genuinely official rare coins list, many trustworthy experts have developed lists, and full databases, of the most collectible coins in the world. The authors of these resources have painstakingly looked into selling prices over the years and made precise determinations of which rare coins are best for a collection. Similarly, reputable coin dealers, including APMEX, have looked into prices and trends, and price products following the same valuable data you might find on a rare coins list. Because well-known dealers want to gain the trust and loyalty of all customers, selling collectible coins at the best market price is an everyday practice. When you shop for rare coins on a trusted website, you will find details about the condition, design, and history of a coin, then compare with other rarities on the site that interest you to make an informed purchase decision.

What are the most sought-after coins?

The most sought-after coins on the market are typically those with limited availability and historical significance. While mintage numbers of a particular coin series are essential to know, frequently it is a design error or single flaw that makes once coin more in demand than others that are similar. A prime example is the 1800 Draped Bust Dollar with a dotted date. While the series had a mintage of 220,920 coins, there are only two examples remaining today with the dotted date and a grade level of 5 or higher. The 1803 $10 Turban Head Gold Eagle with 14 Star Reverse is similarly sought-after, due to a fascinating design element. The reverse is struck with 13 prominent stars, while one tiny star is barely distinguishable in a cloud. This exciting feature, along with age, makes the coin very popular with collectors. If you are interested in starting a coin collection, seek out items have unusual features such as these.

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