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Rare Coins & Currency (Newly Listed)

Rare Coins & Currency (Newly Listed)

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Fine Selection of Collectible Coins and Rare Coins Provides Buyers with Collection Diversification

Selections of rare U.S. coins and collectibles add to an already impressive selection of collectible coins. Here, collectors and investors can find an assortment of coins from numismatic history through many time periods. APMEX adds selections to this category frequently so be sure to check back for more selections of rare coins and collectibles! Buyers can purchase coins designed by famed sculptors and architects like Charles Barber, James Earle Fraser, John Reich and Augustus Saint-Gaudens. There are multiple rare coins for sale that are highly rated and unique.

PCGS and NGC Collectible Coins

Added selections of collectible coins are either rated by the PCGS or NGC, two of the most respected numismatic grading services in the world. Highly rated and extremely valuable, these rare U.S. coins are a must have. The earliest coin here can be found back to 1794 with the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. This particular coin had a mintage of only 1,758 pieces. Pre-1933 Gold holds a special place in history because surviving coins in this era hold tremendous value. While the time periods vary with these rare U.S. coins, there is a coin that will fit your interests. From multiple designs to time periods, buy rare coins and collectible coins today from APMEX.

Graded and Certified Rare Coins

While we at APMEX pride ourselves on educating and encouraging new coin enthusiasts, we are also gratified to be able to meet the needs of even the most experienced numismatists. Seasoned coin collectors know the importance of buying and selling rare coins with only the most reputable online coin dealers, and APMEX’s sterling reputation places us among the best numismatic coin dealers in the country.

Numismatic Coins Online

As a knowledgeable coin enthusiast, you may have availed yourself of the numismatic dealer directory or a weekly auction site to find rare, low-mintage coins. You may feel perfectly comfortable shopping with premier rare coins dealers and feel you can build your collection without turning to online sources. However, for accomplished coin collectors who seek exceptional rare or ancient coins, APMEX offers a wide selection of rare collectible coins, almost all of which have been graded by NCG or PCGS and certified by CAC. We have at our fingertips more, rarer, collectible pieces than any brick-and-mortar store possibly could. Our history of buying and selling, our peerless guarantee and our excellent customer review rating make APMEX an ideal place to search for coin rarities whether among ancient coins or modern U.S. coins. When you want to build a great rare-coins collection, when you are ready to take your passion for numismatics to the next level, APMEX is the reputable online coin dealer ready to serve you, just as we have been serving collectors for over 15 years.

Among our selection of graded rare collectible coins available for purchase today, we offer both extremely rare, singular coins as well as pristine examples of well-known heavy hitters on the numismatic coin market, all with extraordinarily low populations.

Coin Rarities

Mercury Dime (1916-1945)

As you know, Mercury dimes are the popular ten-cent pieces produced by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1945. This dime is made of 90% Silver and contains just over .072 troy ounces of Silver. The Mercury Dime is more properly referred to as the Winged Liberty Head Dime. Many of the public mistook Adolph Weinman’s design featuring a young Liberty for a depiction of the Roman god Mercury, and a nickname was born. Although the coin’s design was embraced by citizens and officials alike, some modifications were necessary, as the Mercury dime did not perform properly in some vending machines. This iconic dime was produced until 1945, when the Treasury ordered new artwork honoring the recently deceased President Franklin Roosevelt.

Every coin enthusiast is likely to already own an example of a Mercury dime, and indeed APMEX has often suggested Mercury dimes as an ideal coin for the beginning collector. However, a sophisticated numismatist ready to build a great coin collection will be searching for a Mercury dime in the upper echelons of its type. We are thrilled to make available this stunning 1924-D Mercury Dime MS-67 NGC (FB). This remarkable 1924-D Mercury Dime has been certified as MS-67 (FB) by NGC, one of the top two coin-grading services, and has a population of only 6 coins!

Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1921)

Minted for over 40 years, the Morgan Silver Dollar will be familiar to all experienced collectors. It was in circulation longer than any other similar coin. Heralded as best and most beautiful of all the Silver Dollar designs, the Morgan Silver Dollar was immediately embraced by U.S. citizens when it debuted in 1878. Production of this coin continued thorough 1921, when it was replaced by fresh, albeit less popular, artwork. The design of the Morgan Silver Dollar shared some features of the Bust Silver Dollar, but it is obviously much more detailed. Collectors always hope to find a carefully preserved coin that has avoided the wear and tear of circulation or careless storage. As these coins are all over or approaching 100 years old, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a Morgan Silver Dollar that appears to be untouched by the hands of time.

Rare Coin Collections

But of course, we can offer them to you. Compiling the outstanding coins it takes to build a true rare-coin collection takes dedication and just a bit of luck. Today, APMEX has an 1891 Morgan Dollar MS-65 PCGS that could launch your collection from good to great. This 1891 Morgan Dollar has been certified as MS-65 by PCGS, one of the best and most reputable coin grading services. This coin boasts a population of just 201 coins.

Indian Gold Half Eagle (1908-1929)

Perhaps your interest lies in vintage Gold coins featuring Native Americans. If so, you probably already own an Indian Gold Half Eagle, but a superior example of this gorgeous coin would make a wonderful addition to your collection, and perhaps elevate it. These American Gold coins were part of Theodore Roosevelt’s personal quest to beautify American coinage. Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, they depict a strong and striking Native American profile wearing a full headdress on the obverse, and an imposing bald eagle on the reverse. As you likely remember, these Gold coins, along with the $2.50 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle, are the only coins in the history of the United States Mint to feature an incuse or sunken relief design.

Buy Rare Collectible Coin

We are excited to offer this 1910-D $5 Indian Gold Half Eagle graded MS-64 by PCGS, a rare collectible coin that would place your collection among the most fascinating. This 1910-D $5 Indian Gold Half Eagle has been certified as MS-64 by PCGS, and enjoys population of only 50 coins. A truly rare coin this beautiful may be just the thing for your collection.

The coins listed above are a mere glimpse into the enormous selection of rare collectible coins APMEX is able to offer our most experienced and discerning collectors. We pride ourselves on truly having something for everyone, and that includes those sophisticated numismatists who are looking to build next-level collections of exceptional coins.

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