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Ancient & Medieval Coins

Ancient & Medieval Coins

Medieval Coins and Ancient Coins Provide an Important Historical Lesson in Currency

Ancient coins were primarily made from Silver, Gold or Bronze. The Precious Metals were especially rare during that time, and stores that were discovered were used to erect monuments and structures. Coins became prevalent because they acted as a source of commerce for everyone from nobility to commoners. These ancient and medieval coins are high in value and popularity, and they show us the importance of these coins from a historical context.

Ancient and Medieval Gold Coins

Ancient Gold coins have been made since King Croesus of Lydia had them struck between 560 and 546 BC. They have been made bearing the likenesses of Alexander the Great and his successors, Roman Emperors and Byzantine Emperors from the late 5th century AD until the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453. These coins were used as the primary means of currency, but they were not as widely available to commoners. The ancient rare coins are must have bullion for everyone including the history lover. Buyers and collectors will find a large selection of ancient and medieval Gold coins from which to choose.

Ancient Silver and Bronze Coins (600 BC – 476 AD)

The first Roman Silver coins, the Didrachm coins, were struck around 280 BC along with cast Bronze Aes Grave. The pre-Denarius Silver coins, very rare Silver coins from 280 BC to 211 BC, were called Didrachms. The Coin Reform of 211 BC made the Denarius the main Silver coin and the Aes the main Bronze coin. The coins of the Roman Empire began with the first Emperor Augustus in 41 BC. The main coins were the Silver Denarius and the Bronze Aes. These splendid Ancient Silver coins and Bronze coins were de-based over the years, and in 215 AD the double Denarius, named Antoninianus, was issued.

Other Rare Ancient and Medieval Coins

Medieval coins consisted of coins that were produced between 500 AD to 1500 AD. Currency took on a new importance level during the Dark Ages. Though the Precious Metals were being widely discovered throughout the world, these coins are still rare. Buyers can own a collectible coin that was used as commerce along the Silk Road. Other rare coin options include Chinese Dynasty Coins and rare coin sets that feature coins from major historical time periods in ancient history.

Whatever the choice may be, APMEX carries a large selection of ancient and medieval coins. Buy from APMEX today and grow your Precious Metals collection.
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