Mexican Gold Libertad Coins (Reverse Proof)

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About Reverse Proof Gold Libertads

Reverse Proof Gold Libertads are a type of bullion coin the Mexican Mint produces. They are part of the Libertad series of coins, including silver and platinum coins. The Libertad series is popular among collectors and investors due to its beautiful design and the coins' high quality.

The Reverse Proof Gold Libertad was first introduced in 2017 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the series. Unlike the regular Proof Gold Libertad, which has a polished finish on the background and the design elements, the Reverse Proof Gold Libertad has a glossy finish on the design elements and a frosted finish on the background. This contrasting finish gives the coin a unique and stunning appearance.

Reverse Proof Gold Libertads are minted in various sizes, including 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz. The coins are made from .999 fine gold, containing 99.9% pure gold.

In addition to their beautiful design and high quality, Reverse Proof Gold Libertads are also valued for their rarity. The Mexican Mint typically produces a limited number of these coins each year, which makes them a popular choice among collectors and investors.
Overall, Reverse Proof Gold Libertads are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a high-quality, rare, and beautiful gold coin to their collection or investment portfolio.

The Gold Mexican Libertad has an enduring legacy as a popular coin around the globe. After finding the right Reverse Proof Gold Libertad for your numismatic holding, explore some other popular coins for collectors.

History Of The Mexican Libertad

The Mexican Libertad coin has a rich history dating back to 1981, when it was first introduced by the Mexican Mint, also known as the Casa de Moneda de México. The coin was designed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain and has since become one of the world's most popular and highly-regarded bullion coins.

The Libertad coin series was initially launched in silver, with various sizes ranging from 1/20 oz to 1 kg. The coin's design features the iconic Winged Victory statue, which stands atop the Mexican Independence Victory Column in Mexico City. The figure represents the goddess of victory and symbolizes Mexico's independence.

In addition to the silver coins, the Mexican Mint has produced Libertad coins in gold and platinum. Gold coins were first introduced in 1982 and featured the Winged Victory design on the obverse side, like the silver coins. The reverse side of the gold coin features the Mexican coat of arms, which includes an eagle perched atop a cactus with a serpent in its beak.

The platinum Libertad coins were introduced in 1991 and featured the same design as the silver and gold coins.
Throughout the years, the Mexican Mint has produced a variety of special edition and limited edition Libertad coins to commemorate important events and anniversaries. These coins are highly sought-after by collectors and investors alike.
Overall, the Mexican Libertad coin series has a rich history and continues to be highly regarded for its beautiful design and high quality.

About The Mexican Mint

The Mexican Mint is the oldest in the Americas and was established in 1535 by order of the Spanish Crown. The Mint was founded to produce the coins needed for the Spanish colony of New Spain, which included present-day Mexico, Central America, and parts of the United States.

Over the centuries, the Mexican Mint has undergone numerous changes, including establishing new facilities and introducing new technologies. Today, the Mint is located in Mexico City and is responsible for producing all of Mexico's legal tender coins and a variety of commemorative and bullion coins.

In addition to producing coins for Mexico, the Mint also produces coins for other countries, including Belize, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. The Mint is known for its high-quality products and has received numerous awards for its coin designs and production techniques.

The Mexican Mint is also known for its commitment to preserving Mexico's cultural heritage. The Mint produces coins that commemorate Mexico's rich history and traditions and features the country's most famous landmarks and cultural icons.
Overall, the Mexican Mint has a long and rich history and continues to be a respected institution in coin production. Its commitment to quality and innovation has helped it become one of the most respected mints in the world
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