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2024 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Draco BU
2024 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Draco BU
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2023 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Lepus BU
2023 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Lepus BU
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About KOMSCO ZI:SIN Silver

The KOMSCO ZI:SIN series is a collection of silver and gold medals produced by KOMSCO (Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation), the official mint of South Korea. The series is inspired by the mythical creatures known as the "Four Guardians of the Four Directions" in Korean culture.

The Four Guardians, also called the "Four Symbols" or "Four Auspicious Beasts," are symbolic creatures that represent different directions, seasons, and elements in traditional East Asian culture. Each guardian is associated with specific qualities and has a unique appearance.

The ZI:SIN series focuses on these Four Guardians and showcases their artistic representations in intricate designs. The four guardians in the series are:

1. Bai Seol (White Tiger): The White Tiger is associated with the direction west and the season of autumn. It represents strength, protection, and courage.
2. Jujak (Red Phoenix): The Red Phoenix represents the south direction and the summer season. It symbolizes rebirth, prosperity, and harmony.
3. Cheongung (Blue Dragon): The Blue Dragon is associated with the east direction and the spring season. It represents power, nobility, and wisdom.
4. Hyonmu (Black Tortoise): The Black Tortoise represents the north direction and the winter season. It symbolizes longevity, wisdom, and protection.

The ZI:SIN series features detailed artwork depicting these guardians on the obverse side of the medals. The reverse side typically displays the KOMSCO logo, weight, purity, and other relevant information.

The ZI:SIN series offers various options for collectors, including different sizes and finishes such as proof or antique finishes. The medals are typically made of silver or gold and may have limited mintages, adding to their collectibility.

History Of KOMSCO

KOMSCO, short for Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation, has a rich history that spans several decades. It was established on February 1, 1951, under the name "Bank of Korea Printing Bureau." Initially, its primary focus was the printing of banknotes for the newly formed Bank of Korea. As time passed, KOMSCO's responsibilities expanded beyond currency production, leading to its reorganization and renaming as "Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation" in 1973.

KOMSCO gradually evolved and diversified its operations. In addition to banknotes, it began minting coins and producing various security-related products such as passports, identification cards, and stamps. The corporation's expertise in security printing grew, resulting in its designation as the official mint of South Korea in 1986. This meant that KOMSCO became responsible for producing legal tender coins for the country.

Throughout its history, KOMSCO has consistently embraced technological advancements to enhance the security features and quality of its products. It has made substantial investments in cutting-edge printing and minting technologies. These innovations include microprinting, holography, and color-shifting inks, which have been crucial in combating counterfeiting and ensuring the integrity of the produced currency and security documents.

Beyond regular currency production, KOMSCO actively engages in issuing commemorative coins and medals. These special editions are released to mark significant events, anniversaries, and cultural themes, both domestically and internationally. The corporation's commemorative coins and medals showcase unique designs and often incorporate elements of Korea's rich cultural heritage.

In 1999, KOMSCO expanded its operations once again by venturing into the production of identification cards and other security documents. This new division handles the manufacturing of various types of ID cards, including resident registration cards and driver's licenses. KOMSCO's foray into ID card operations further solidified its position as a comprehensive provider of security-related products and services.

Today, KOMSCO continues to play a pivotal role in South Korea's monetary and security landscape. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovative designs, and advanced security features, KOMSCO remains a trusted institution domestically and internationally. Its products are highly regarded and reflect the corporation's dedication to excellence.
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