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Silver Dolphins from the Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint, located in Canberra, Australia, is responsible for producing Australian circulating coins as well as a wide range of commemorative and collector coins. They have also released various silver coins over the years. Here are some key points about silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint:

  • Composition: Silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint are typically made of .999 or .9999 fine silver, meaning they have a high silver content. This makes them valuable to collectors and investors.
  • Commemorative Coins: The Royal Australian Mint issues commemorative silver coins to mark significant events, anniversaries, and celebrations. These coins often feature iconic Australian symbols, historical figures, or cultural themes.
  • Limited Editions: Many silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint are released as limited editions. This means that only a specific number of coins are minted, making them more exclusive and sought after.
  • Coin Series: The Royal Australian Mint often releases coins as part of thematic series. These series may focus on a particular theme, such as Australian wildlife, historical figures, or important milestones. Each coin in the series is typically released at different intervals, allowing collectors to build a complete set.
  • Proof and Bullion Coins: The Royal Australian Mint produces both proof and bullion silver coins. Proof coins are specially made with a polished and frosted finish, giving them a high level of detail and shine. Bullion coins, on the other hand, are minted primarily for their silver content and are often purchased as investments.
  • Packaging and Certificates: Silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint are often packaged in protective capsules or presentation cases. Some coins may also come with certificates of authenticity, providing additional information about the coin's specifications and limited edition status.

The Silver Dolphin coin series will join several other animal-themed coins series produced by the Royal Australian Mint. This particular series celebrates Australia natives that inhabits the country.

Animal-Themed Series from the Mint

The Royal Australian Mint has released several popular animal-themed coin series over the years. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Australian Lunar Series: The Australian Lunar Series is one of the most renowned coin series from the Royal Australian Mint. It celebrates the Chinese zodiac with a new design for each animal in the 12-year lunar cycle. The series features beautiful depictions of animals such as the dragon, snake, horse, rabbit, and more.
  • Australian Kangaroo Series: The Australian Kangaroo Series showcases the iconic kangaroo on its coins. The series includes silver bullion coins in various sizes, as well as collector coins with unique designs and finishes.
  • Australian Koala Series: The Australian Koala Series highlights the adorable koala, a beloved Australian marsupial. The coins in this series depict different poses and scenes featuring koalas in their natural habitat.
  • Australian Kookaburra Series: The Australian Kookaburra Series features the laughing kookaburra, a distinctive Australian bird known for its call. The series includes stunning silver coins with annual design changes, showcasing the kookaburra in various settings.

These are just a few examples of the popular animal-themed coin series from the Royal Australian Mint. It's worth noting that the Royal Australian Mint regularly introduces new coin series and expands existing ones, so there may be additional animal-themed series beyond those listed here.

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