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In 2020, as the world grappled with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Mint responded to the surge in demand for Silver bullion by releasing special edition Silver Eagles. These coins were specifically minted in exceptionally low quantities, making them a rare and coveted find among both collectors and investors. The U.S. Mint's backing of the Precious Metals content in these Silver Eagles further added to their allure, providing a sense of security and trust in their value.

For collectors, the appeal of these special edition Silver Eagles lies in their limited mintages, which inherently increases their scarcity and potential long-term value. Coin enthusiasts avidly sought after these unique pieces to add to their collections, recognizing the historical significance and rarity they represent.

On the other hand, investors saw these special edition Silver Eagles as an attractive opportunity to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their wealth during uncertain times. With the U.S. Mint guaranteeing the Precious Metals content, these coins were regarded as a reliable store of value in an ever-changing economic landscape.

As word spread about the limited availability and the unique circumstances surrounding their issuance, the popularity of these special edition Silver Eagles skyrocketed. Demand surged, and collectors and investors alike flocked to buy them online, leading to a competitive marketplace where securing these coins became a challenge in itself.

The combination of their aesthetic appeal, historical significance, and investment value contributed to the soaring popularity of the Philadelphia and San Francisco Silver Eagles. For those fortunate enough to acquire them, these coins symbolized not only the resilience of the human spirit during challenging times but also a tangible piece of history and prosperity to be cherished for generations to come.

2020 San Francisco Silver Eagles

In late 2020, 1 million Silver Eagles were minted in San Francisco to meet the unprecedented demand for Silver bullion due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this the among the rarest bullion issue Silver Eagles in the series' 34 year history. PCGS encapsulation protects and guarantees the condition of the coin and authenticates its origin from the San Francisco Mint. This marks only the second time since 2017 that Silver Eagles were made outside of West Point.

2020 Philadelphia Silver Eagles

A modern rarity, with only 240,000 coins produced, this is one of the rarest bullion issues of American Silver Eagles of all time. This release is second only to the 2015 Philadelphia issue, which currently sells for thousands of dollars in MS-70. The mintage of 240,000 coins is less than 7% of that of the famous 1996 key date American Silver Eagle. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was reduced at the West Point Mint, prompting the Philadelphia Mint to produce a very small number of American Silver Eagles to help meet demand. Several certified options are available, including a special edition Philadelphia U.S. Mint label. Because of the astonishingly small mintage, the availability of these rare coins will be exceptionally limited.

Certified Options

APMEX carries many certified options with First Day of Issue, FirstStrike and Early Release designations. The PCGS FirstStrike program designates coins issued in the first 30 days of the Mint's release. The First Day designation applies to coins submitted to grading through an exclusive process within 24 hours of its initial release. The Early Release is similar to the FirstStrike program, this designation ensures this coin was received within the first 30 days of minting.
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