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Ancient/Medieval Silver & Bronze Coins

Ancient/Medieval Silver & Bronze Coins

Add these ancient Silver coins to your collection to own a piece of Roman history

Collecting Ancient Silver coins is an exciting way to capture a valuable and precious piece of history. Roman collectible Silver coins from the 4th Century are among the most affordable and a good place to start Silver coin collecting. Medieval Silver coins are also an option, but these Precious Metal coins are not as readily available. No matter when struck, rare Silver coins all have a riveting story attached to them.

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Ancient Silver coins like Bactria Silver Drachma coins, which come from the reign of King Azes II, are examples of affordable Ancient Silver coins with incredible history attached to them. These collectible Silver coins were struck sometime between 35 B.C. and 5 A.D., many issued before the birth of Christ, but all in circulation while Christ lived. King Azes II, depicted on these rare Silver coins, was said to have sent the Three Magi, thought to be court astrologers, to pay respects to the newborn Jesus. Many of the ancient and Medieval Silver coins available at APMEX come with the coin’s historical story and certificate of authenticity.

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Another of the Ancient Silver coins accessible to the beginner collector, in price and availability, is the Silver Denarius of Julia Soaemias, mother of Emperor Elagabalus, 193-211 A.D. These collectible Silver coins are part of the Seven Hills Hoard, a discovery of Roman coins in the region of the Seven Hills of Rome, east of the River Tiber. Other rare Silver coins available from the Seven Hills Hoard include the Roman AR Denarius Emperor Elagabalus (218-222 AD). These and other ancient or Medieval Silver coins – incredible pieces of history, some more than 2,000 years old – are often available to the average collector at an affordable price.

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Purchasing collectible Silver coins like Euboea Histiaea AR Tetrobols (Third to Second Century BC) is also an affordable way to start Silver coin collecting. These ancient Silver coins, from the Greek city-state of Histiaea on the island of Euboea, are more than 2,100 years old. These are but a few of the rare Silver coins available to the general public. Purchase ancient Medieval Silver coins and learn about the geography, history and lore surrounding them and hold a little piece of that history in your hands.

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