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Rare Coins for Sale

Today, rare coins have become collectible and are highly sought after numismatic currency. Unique rare coinage artistry was captured in these rare coins. Everything from rare Silver dollars to rare pennies are available. APMEX offers a wide selection of old U.S. coins for sale that transcend time. Rare coins look great in any numismatic collection because of their great historical significance and unique designs. All rare Silver coins and rare Gold coins represent an important part of history perfectly encapsulated in the artistic scene engraved on each coin.

Early Coinage and Design

Minting technology has drastically changed over the years, giving collectors a valuable history lesson in early coinage and design. Rare quarters and other rare coins maintain a deeper meaning to significance because many of the rare coins were produced at a time when it was difficult to process and mine for the Metals required to make proper coinage. Collectors can own coinage that not only is one of the oldest but one of the most pure in terms of striking and minting.

Historical U.S. Numismatic Coins

All of these rare coins have seen the political and societal shifts in their era, and collectors and investors can own a piece of that history in their collection. With a diverse selection of rare coins for sale, collectors have options from rare Colonial coins and rare Silver coins to old commemorative coins and old U.S currency. All of these coins offered at APMEX are rare and very difficult to come by. There are many rare coins for sale at APMEX and they all tell a unique story about the history of our currency and our world.

What is My Old Coin Value?

If you are trying to discern the value of an old coin, make APMEX your first stop on the web. With a large and diverse inventory, you are likely to see coins comparable to yours and get an idea of the value of your old coin. What's the rarest U.S. coin? There are many U.S. coins that are quite rare and have achieved a value far beyond the one stamped on their face. If you are interested in rare U.S. coins, take time to look at APMEX's fascinating inventory of rare U.S. coins. Graded coins add value to your collection, too, such as the $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle MS-61 PCGS.

Numismatic Coins Add Great Value to Your Collection

Numismatic coins come in several sizes and time periods. Regardless of your interest level, there is coin or currency for everyone. These coins have withstood the test of time, and they are waiting for you to own them. From rare cents to rare Gold coins, these rare and old coins will diversify your collection. Buy them today and hold history in the palm of your hands.

Rarest Coin Collecting

Many of these coins are hard to find, but APMEX is proud to offer these rare coins. The coins here make the perfect complement to any collection, no matter your expertise level. Each of these coins has a unique history behind it, which adds that extra dimension to any collection. Coin collecting can be a highly rewarding experience. You can find anything from rare pennies and rare nickels to rare commemoratives and rare Silver coins. The sky is the limit for these wonderfully crafted coins.

Rare Coins FAQ

Where can I find old money for sale?

Many places offer old money for sale, including antique stores, private seller, and well-known online retailer such as APMEX. Some rare coins that you see in antique shops may not have much numismatic value, but can still be enjoyed for their exciting design or decorative appeal. Private sellers often put inherited collections on the market as a whole, to quickly and efficiently sell off a loved one’s estate. APMEX sells only verified collectible coins, with accurately calculated values. Since old money prices can be affected by so many factors, our trained team looks at each piece individually, to make sure that the asking price is competitive in the current market. Every sale from APMEX is fully guaranteed.

When were most rare coins of the world made?

Coins have been in use for thousands of years, and valuable rare coins can come from any period. The term “rare” refers to how many are estimated to be available today. Even if a particular coin series had an original mintage of 300,000, if it is known that 250,000 were later melted down, only the remaining pieces are considered when evaluating rarity. Coins that were made several hundred years ago are almost always rarer than those produced in during the 20th century and beyond. However, some rare coins that were made within the last 100 years can be more valuable than those made 500 years ago. It all comes down to historical significance, condition, and market demand.

How do I start collecting rare U.S. currency?

For anyone looking to start a collection of rare U.S. currency, it is best to start by researching the history of the U.S. Mint. Collectors do not need to be ready for a pop quiz on every single series issued by the American government, but an overall understanding of significant changes in the production of coins is helpful. If the goal is to create a diverse investment portfolio, start with small acquisitions of rare Silver coins that were produced within the last 100 years. These are highly collectible, but available at entry level price points. Once you are familiar with the process of buying old U.S. currency, research the going prices for hard-to-find pieces that appeal to you. Part of the joy of collecting coins is having a collection that represents your personal history and interests.
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