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RCM Gold Vintage Coins

RCM Gold Vintage Coins
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Buy vintage Gold coins and hold history in your hands.

A true appreciation of vintage Gold deserves a look back at the history of Gold coins and their pricing. Today's Canadian Gold coins owe their linage to the first recorded use of Gold, dating back to 4,000 B.C. in present-day Eastern Europe as a material for jewelry. While today's vintage Gold coins may seem old, Gold as a recognized standard of trade dates back to 1,500 B.C. Around this time, Gold coins first made an appearance as currency, materializing as the Shekel in the Middle East and as tiny Gold coin squares in China nearly 400 years later. To this day, China produces worldwide favorite Gold coins.

Vintage Gold owes its high value to the rich history of civilizations appreciating the Precious Metal. Early leaders turned to Gold coins as the standard for trade, in part due to the Precious Metal's scientific properties, including oxidation level, lack of rust and ability to maintain its original weight. While today's price of Gold varies based on factors like current events, market speculation and currency values, the originally documented standard price of Gold in the U.S. was $19.39 per ounce, set in 1792. When viewing these Canadian Gold coins, think back to the rich legacy of tradition that went into the current pricing and valuation of the precious commodity.

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