VAM Silver Dollars (1878-1935) (Varieties)

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Cataloging Process Helps Grow Morgan Dollar Values and Peace Dollar Values

Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars were two of the most popular coins during its run in circulation. They were designed and circulated in two separate time periods, but met with ultimate success. These two coins, however, had variations in dies used to create the coin. Die varieties consist of Morgan or Peace Dollars that have errors in the preparation of the coin dies. This is not to be confused with error coins. Die variety errors include twice-punched mintmarks or dates, double die sets, misalignment of the mintmark and overpolishing dies. These “errors” in die production on these coins do not diminish the quality of the coin; rather, these coins are collectible coins that are popular with collectors. VAM varieties of the Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars are cataloged in The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars.

How Much is a VAM Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?

The cataloging process has developed excitement and popularity with these coins. While some coins may have more noticeable marks, others will not. Popular selections of VAM Morgan Dollars include the 1879-CC Morgan Dollar AU-53 PCGS CAC (Capped Die) and the 1879-S Morgan Dollar Rev of 78 MS-63 NGC (VAM, Toned, Top-100) . A VAM Morgan Silver Dollar can be worth more than non-cataloged Morgan Silver Dollars. The value will depend on a number of factors including year and die variety on the coin. Morgan Peace Dollars were designed by George Morgan, and these coins were part of important coinage history because of its run in circulation from 1878 to 1921. These coins played an important role for people in the expansion westward.

VAM Peace Dollar Values

Peace Dollars were coins picked up where the Morgan Dollars left off. These coins started off in limited mintage supply, but then became more popular as the United States became a major player on the world's stage. Popular VAM Peace Dollar varieties include the 1922 Peace Dollar AU-55 NGC (VAM-1F LDS Field Die Break, Top-50) and the 1923 Peace Dollar MS-63 PCGS (VAM-1A, Whisker Jaw, Top-50)

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