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Two Cent Pieces

APMEX offers a superb selection of 2 Cent bronze pieces. Issued in 1864, the 2-Cent Piece has the distinction of being the first coin to bear the inscription “In God We Trust.” During the Civil War crisis, Americans on both sides of the war increasingly were more open about their religious beliefs, so that motto addition was readily accepted. One of the most interesting coins in this series is the 1864 issue, including both Small and Large Motto varieties. The Small Motto is significantly rarer than the Large Motto variety, being worth more than 10 times the price of the Large Motto. Both Small and Large Motto varieties were minted between 1864 and 1873 and are available with APMEX.

Two Cent Piece Key Dates

Considered to be highly collectible among numismatists, Two Cent Pieces have, appropriately enough, two key dates. The first is the 1864 Small Motto design, one of two obverses minted during the first year of the series. 1872 is also a key date for Two Cent Pieces, as it was the last edition of the series to be produced for circulation. While initially popular among Americans, Two Cent Pieces fell out of favor with the public as the years passed following the Civil War. However, this series continues to be recommended for coin collectors to this day, due to their limited mintage and historical relevance. Some key dates for Two Cent Pieces include:
  • 1864 Small Motto
  • 1872
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