Civil War Tokens

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Civil War Tokens

APMEX offers an extensive selection of Civil War Tokens. When taking all factors into consideration, the Civil War was the most devastating event in American History. The economic pressures were felt as early as 1862 when the phenomenon known as Gresham’s Law took effect and the public began withdrawing all metallic currency. The anticipated increase in value of all metals prompted the hoarding of Gold, Silver and copper to such an extent that there were no metallic coins in circulation. To fill the need this situation caused, tradesmen began issuing what are today called Civil War Tokens.

Two basic types exist; “store card” tokens which named a merchant or sponsor expected to honor the redemption of the token, and “patriotic” tokens which contained no sponsor. Civil War tokens were privately minted and distributed in the U.S. from 1862-1864. The Sutler token was one of the first military tokens put into general use for the welfare of military personnel. For your convenience, the Civil War tokens are listed here as follows: Patriotics by Fuld number, then Storecards by Fuld number.
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