Roman Empire Gold Coins

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Roman Empire Gold Coins

Roman coinage can be divided into two parts: The Roman Republic of 225-27 BC and The Roman Empire of 27 BC-AD 476. The coins of the Roman Empire began with the first Emperor Augustus on the obverse in 41 BC, with the primary coins being the Silver Denarius and the bronze As. These splendid old coins were debased over the years and in 215 AD the double Denarius, named the Antoninianus, was issued.

Collectible ancient coins of the Roman Empire usually have the portrait of the emperor or the empress on the obverse, while the reverse depicts a religious god, goddess or military theme. A great way to collect Roman Imperial coins is by the portrait of the famous emperors. Most fourth-century Roman coins are very inexpensive, so this is a good place to start your Ancient Roman coin collection.
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