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Sarmatia,Olbia Bronze Dolphin Unit (400-350 BC) Avg Circ
Sarmatia,Olbia Bronze Dolphin Unit (400-350 BC) Avg Circ
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Ancient Greek coins were not limited to present-day Greece. Some of the most artful coins were minted by Greek colonies in Sicily and southern Italy before Rome was little more than a city-state. Other Ancient Greek coins were struck by Alexander the Great and his successors from mints ranging from India to as far as Egypt. Ancient Greek rare coins give the ancient coin collector the opportunity of possessing some truly beautiful numismatic creations in their rare coin collection.

This category contains some of antiquities finest examples of artistic engraving skill, and the beauty of the designs was said to have inspired Theodore Roosevelt to revitalize the beauty of U.S. coin design. This category also includes the very birth of coinage in the Western world, with Electrum and Lydian coins of Croesus.

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