2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

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2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
If you’ve been wondering where you can get 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Dollars, APMEX has the historic Silver coins you need! When it comes to buying iconic 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, APMEX has a wide selection straight from the U.S. Mint because it is an Authorized Purchaser. Whether you’re looking for a new Morgan Dollar or Peace Silver Dollar—or for a commemorative 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar set—APMEX has you covered.

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People have loved collecting Silver coins for hundreds of years. When you collect coins, you can hold a piece of history in your hands. The history surrounding rare coins and currency is critical and often adds value to numismatics.

During several major world events, such as the Civil War and the turn of the 20th century, monetary adjustments have taken place. When a rare coin has a greater market value than the metal it contains, it is considered to have numismatic worth. Because they transcend time and place, these rare numismatic products are more valuable.

Background of 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars
The year 2021 commemorates the centennial of when minting for the Morgan Dollar ceased and marks the first year that minting occurred for Peace Dollars. The Mint used historical assets in the production of the new Morgan and Peace Dollar Anniversary Coins, but they were modernized to meet current commemorative coin standards.

The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in the year 1921. The design for both the obverse and reverse came from George T. Morgan, who served as Chief Engraver at the time.

On the obverse, Liberty is depicted wearing a cap and holding a flower. The word "LIBERTY" appears in script on her crown. A heraldic eagle is encircled by a wreath on the reverse. The coin's design reflected the symbolism commonly used on our coins throughout the nineteenth century. The Morgan Dollar symbolized America's westward expansion and industrial progress at the end of the nineteenth century.

The original Peace Dollar was minted from 1921 to 1935. While it is no longer used today, at the time it represented America's growing power on the global stage and served as a reminder of the peace between the U.S. and Germany after World War I. The golden crown on the figure of Liberty symbolized the country's industrial economic growth. The backside of the coin features an eagle gripping an olive branch with sun rays in the backdrop. Both sides were designed by popular artist Anthony de Francisci.

The U.S. Mint utilized coins, dies, and images from history to accurately recreate the 2021 coin designs. In contrast to the original coin, the 2021 Peace Dollar wasn't struck in high relief. The 1921 high relief design stuck up higher than the border, which made it easy for damage to happen to the distinctive design elements. The 2021 Peace and Morgan Dollars are identical to contemporary commemorative coin standards in terms of relief.

Furthermore, the current makeup of these coins is dissimilar from the originals in terms of metal composition. The original Morgan and Peace Dollars consisted of 90 percent Silver and 10 percent copper. The 2021 Silver dollars were set at 99.9 percent Silver, like current commemorative dollar coins, by the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act (Public Law 116-286).

There will be five different versions of the 2021 Mint Dollar, each with a unique symbol on the back to commemorate the historic American mints where they were originally made. The 2021 Morgan Dollars have privacy marks in the place of mint marks to commemorate facilities that are no longer in operation. The privy marks are raised ovals with the original "O" or "CC" mint mark included on top. Both privy mark versions, as well as those without a mint mark, will be produced by the Philadelphia Mint. The San Francisco and Denver Mint facilities will produce coins with “S” and “D” mint marks.

The Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver Mints were the primary sites to produce the Peace Dollar. The mint will produce only one version of the 2021 Peace Dollar, which won't include a mint mark. It will be produced by the Philadelphia Mint.

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