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Certified Classic U.S. Silver Commemorative Coins Offer Great Value for any Collection

Silver commemoratives are valued among collectors because they have a large selection on hand that will cater to any numismatic interest. Whether you are looking for commemoratives of landmark events that shaped the country or people whose legacy is echoed through history for their contributions, collectors will find it. The 1900 Silver Lafayette Dollar was designed by Charles Barber, depicting General Lafayette on the reverse and the heads of George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette on the obverse. Other selections of early U.S. Collectors have the option of certified rated Silver commemorative coins to add to their collection.

Early U.S. Commemorative Silver Coins (PCGS Certified)

Graded by the PCGS to ensure quality and content, buyers can choose from a large number of options available. Silver commemorative coin values are high because they are rated by one of the most trusted numismatic grading services in the world. Among the highly valued available selection is the 1893 Columbian Expo Half Dollar. This commemorative Silver coin was minted for the World's Columbian Exposition celebrating the anniversary of Columbus to the new world. Another popular selection is the 1925 Stone Mountain Doubled Die Obverse MS-66 PCGS. This coin's design was sculpted by famed sculptor Gutzon Borglum, who spent many laborious years carving Mount Rushmore. This Silver commemorative coin will look good in any registry set.

APMEX offers many other selections of PCGS-certified Silver commemoratives including themes of state sesquicentennials or important state frontiersmen. The multitude of selections will look good for any new or experienced numismatic collector.

Early U.S. Commemorative Silver Coins (NGC Certified)

NGC-Certified Silver coins offer tremendous value to collectors. These early Silver U.S. commemorative coins come in various designs including the 1920 Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar, celebrating the 300th anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock. Buyers can also choose from Silver coins that honor the anniversaries of statehoods from Texas to Iowa. Other highly rated NGC-Certified Silver commemorative coins include the 1923-S Monroe Doctrine Commem Half Dollar and the 1926 Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar Silver coin.

APMEX carries a wide selection of certified commemorative Silver providing countless options for collectors of all interest levels. These collectible Silver coins have lasting value. They depict important historical events and people, but they are a part of history themselves.

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