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40% Silver by Type

40% Silver by Type

Every 40% Silver Coins Wrapped in Historical Value

Coin collectors look for value in their coins from many sources such as the mintage, the year and history of the coin. History especially is an important valuable factor because of the conditions in which the coins rose. 40% Silver coins offer great historical value because they are some of the last coins from the U.S. Mint to have any Silver contained in them. For a novice collector, these are good coins to collect because of the affordable price points. For experienced collectors, these 40% Silver coins have historical value and adds diversity to any collection.

Collectors have several quantities on hand from which to choose. $1 face value all the way to $1000 face value are available. The goal of making these coins was to keep the cost of production down while preserving the value of monetary Silver throughout the country, and keeping the supplies of the Metal up in case it was needed. It was a historically important move in America coinage history and you can own a piece of that history today. Whether you choose 40% Eisenhower Silver Dollars or the traditional Kennedy Half Dollars, you will receive a coin with tremendous Silver and historical value.

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