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90% Silver - Rolls & Bags (Generic)

90% Silver - Rolls & Bags (Generic)
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Vintage American Silver coins like 90% Silver coins offer high Silver metal content for investments.

Giving loved ones American Silver coins is an excellent way to introduce them to American history and economics. They may be skeptical of junk Silver coins at first, only seeing the face value of the Silver coins, leaving them puzzled why you gave them a $5 roll of dimes. Once you teach them that bulk Silver coins are worth more than their face value, they will even start searching coin jars and piggy banks around the house for pre-1965 Silver coins. These 90% Silver coins, when bought in bulk quantities, can add up in Silver value very quickly.

Buy Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Or, if recognizable American Silver coins are not going to impress the younger members of your family, you can give them beautiful Silver coins that are not as familiar, like the brilliant, uncirculated Walking Liberty Half Dollar. These beautiful U.S. Mint Silver coins impress with their pristine condition for their age, and you can let the recipient know these Silver coins have a value far beyond their face value. Another alternative to bulk Silver coins are commemorative sets, like the 2001 American Buffalo $1 Silver Commemorative Coin and Currency set. No matter what the format, 90% Silver coins and other Silver coins available at APMEX are an excellent way to introduce family members to Precious Metals, and the difference between investing and collecting these valuable coins.

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