Precious Metals Market Reports

Gold & Silver Eye Modest Gains Amid Disappointing Jobs Data

It was a relatively calm week in precious metals markets, as gold and silver spared investors from major price swings throughout most of the week. Investors were largely focused on debt ceiling deliberations in Congress, rising Treasury yields, and inflationary concerns. So far, the dollar has been the near-term benefactor, as investors gravitate to its relative stability. Given this, the dollar index hovered close to highs not seen since November of 2020, for most of the week. Read More

Gold & Silver Pare Losses Amid Lingering Inflation

Wall Street was mixed as the week began. Although the Dow, S&P, and Nadaq were all slightly up last week, September has maintained its reputation as a historically bad month in the stock market. Durable goods orders rose by 1.8% on Monday. This was much higher than the forecasted number of 0.6%, driving some indices up, resulting in a mixed finish on Wall Street.Gold ticked up in early morning trading on Monday reaching $1,760, before declining modestly t... Read More

Risk Appetite and Firmer Yields Weigh on Bullion

The week began with a downturn in the stock market, fueled by concern on several fronts. Investors are keenly aware that September has a long history of being the worst month for U.S. stocks and exercised caution as a result. The Federal Reserve was scheduled to start its two-day meeting on Tuesday, so there was also concern among investors that the Fed may announce a sooner start to tapering. In addition to tapering bets, inflation was also a top concern. Focus ... Read More

Gold & Silver Lose Ground Ahead of FOMC Meeting

Many investors are exercising more caution as U.S. stocks are eyeing their first negative month since February. Historically, September has proven to be a more volatile month on Wall Street. Investors have grown to anticipate this volatility, but many continue to cite concerns over a slowing economy plagued by inflation, supply chain disruptions, and other complications stemming from Covid-19 shutdowns.  With U.S. economic recovery at the forefront of ... Read More

Gold & Silver Battle USD Strength Ahead of Inflation News

Last week saw a decline for both gold and silver, while stocks were lower. The dollar was higher, as some indicators pointed to slowdowns in the U.S. economy. Gold gained some momentum this morning from weaker U.S. bond yields. However, gains were capped by dollar strength, putting gold at $1,794. The dollar also weighed on silver prices this morning. Silver briefly dipped by 1.5% but is now back up to around $23.79.On the crypto front, Bitcoin and other cryp... Read More

Gold and Silver Lose Ground to Dollar Gains

It was a shortened trading week as Americans observed Labor Day on Monday, the 7th. It was also a lighter week in terms of scheduled economic events. Analysts were anticipating Fed data on Wednesday, along with employment data throughout the week. Investors in America and Europe also looked to Thursday as officials from the European Central Bank (ECB) were scheduled to provide an update on their own tapering timeline. Tuesday marked the beginning of the trading week and a sta... Read More

Silver Surges After Jobs Data Disappoints

Metals, stocks, and the dollar remained relatively flat throughout most of the week. All were seemingly in a holding pattern ahead of U.S. jobs data later in the week. This week’s employment data carried extra significance, as Fed officials recently indicated that considerable job growth would need to be seen as a pre-condition for tapering. As a result, significant price movements were not seen for bullion throughout most of the week. Gold started the week... Read More

Gold & Silver Gain on Fed Speech, All Eyes on Employment Data

Boosted by the Fed’s dovish tone on Friday, both gold and silver ended the week on a high note. Since Friday’s close, gold is little changed. The yellow metal is currently near $1,813 an ounce. Silver is up by 0.6% and is at $24.06.   Bitcoin detractors have been more vocal in recent days, as prices in the crypto space have slid. Bitcoin is currently at $47,777, down 2% from Sunday highs. Notable billionaire and hedge fund Manager, John Paul... Read More

Gold and Silver Eye Weekly Gains Amid Dovish Fed Speech

For most of the week, investors were weighing risk stemming from a continued rise in Delta variant cases, and chaos in the Middle East. Tension abounded on Wall Street at the beginning of the week, as some experts identified complications from Delta spread as a threat to economic growth.   Gold started the week at around the $1,778 level, while silver started the week at just over $23 an ounce. Despite disappointing manufacturing and services data, U.S. stoc... Read More

Gold & Silver Gain Ahead of Fed Gathering

The week began as the dollar dipped from highs not seen since November of 2020. The dollar rise came on the heels of FOMC meeting notes last week, which indicated Fed tapering may occur before the end of the year. Treasury yields are modestly higher as well, with both the 10-year and 30-year Treasury notes up by one basis point this morning.  Gold and silver both rose with the dollar decline. Gold jumped 1.5% and is currently hovering near $1,805 an ou... Read More

Silver Dips & Gold Gains on Virus Woes, Chaos Abroad

The week started with major U.S. stocks opening slightly lower, as the dollar hovered near lows not seen since the beginning of the month. Data out of China showed a slowing in retail sales and industrial production. Investors were concerned about a slowing of economies around the globe as the Delta variant continues to spread, dampening risk appetite.  Stocks were also pressured by rumors that the Federal Reserve may begin to taper the purchases of bond... Read More

Gold Recovers from Flash Crash Amid Dollar Retreat & Virus Concerns

As last week closed, gold saw significant pressure from a positive jobs report and a subsequent jump for the 10-year Treasury yield. For gold and silver this culminated in a flash crash on Sunday, leaving Gold down by 4.4%. Silver dove by more than 7% as it briefly dipped below $23. Following the flash crash, both metals bounced, as the dollar rally slowed. Silver quickly reached oversold territory. Coming off lows not seen since December, silver would climb back... Read More

Inflation Data in Focus after Bullion Flash Crash

Metals closed last week under pressure from Friday’s positive jobs report. Pressure resumed for both gold and silver in early Asian trading hours. On Sunday evening, gold dipped by 4.4%, to around $1,693 an ounce. Gold has since bounced from those levels, which haven’t been seen since March. Right now, gold is near $1,732 an ounce.Silver briefly dipped below the $23 mark, which was an eight-month low. Currently, silver is hovering around $23.50. Both me... Read More

Jobs Data Pressure Gold and Silver Downward

Gold and silver prices remained relatively flat throughout the majority of this week, saving significant price movements for Friday. On Wall Street, the mood was cautiously optimistic as the week began. Positive earnings data, whispers regarding an infrastructure deal, and signs of a continuation of central bank stimulus, all pushed stocks higher, as markets opened Monday. However, rising cases of the Delta COVID-19 variant would weigh on investor sentiment. Mean... Read More

Gold & Silver Prices Decline, Jobs Data in Focus

As we begin the week, gold and silver prices are down slightly from Friday’s levels, despite a dollar decline and lower Treasury yields. Currently, silver is hovering near $25.41 while gold is closer to $1,814 an ounce. Investor sentiment on Wall Street is mixed, but largely optimistic as positive earnings have out-weighed concerns over increasing coronavirus cases. The Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500 have all inched higher this mornin... Read More

Gold & Silver Dip Amid Wall Street Rally

Caution underscored Monday’s mood, with an uptick in global virus cases coupled with real concerns over economic progress in the U.S. Stocks tumbled as the week began, with concerns that rising coronavirus cases may impede economic growth.  On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 700 points, marking its worst day since October. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also slipped 1.5% and 1.2% respectively. Yields were not immune to the downtur... Read More

Gold Steadies While COVID Cases Climb

As the week began, silver and gold prices encountered some initial headwinds, leading to a Monday morning dip. With rising coronavirus cases, investors favored the dollar as a haven, bolstering the greenback and sending gold to a one-week low of $1,795. Silver briefly touched the $25.05 mark. Both metals bounced amid a sell-off in stock futures, fueled by inflation and coronavirus concerns on behalf of investors. Dow Jones futures sank by 1.2%, signaling an openi... Read More

Gold Rises Steadily While Stocks Ease

Bullion markets were steady this week, bolstered by Fed speak and easing yields. As the week started, the focus was on quarterly earnings from major corporations, inflation data, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony before The U.S. House Financial Services Committee.  U.S. stocks started the week off on solid footing, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 120 points, reaching a record close. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both jumped as well, as op... Read More

Gold & Silver Steady Ahead of Inflation, Jobs Data

The beginning of the week saw a firmer dollar, while overall risk appetite seems to have declined. Investors are waiting for cues from inflation and jobs data as major markets remain steady. Gold is currently looking range-bound around the $1,799 level, while silver is at $26.  The U.S. stock ... Read More

Gold Gains as Optimism Shrinks

Tuesday was the beginning of a shortened trading week and the beginning of declines for stocks, yields, and the dollar. All of this would support gold and silver prices, as silver would see its weekly peak on the same day. With investors continually evaluating U.S. economic progress, ISM services data and FOMC meeting minutes would be in focus as the potential market-moving scheduled events of this week. ... Read More

Gold & Silver Flat Ahead of FOMC Minutes

Traders are looking at a shortened week, as major U.S. markets are closed Monday in observance of Independence Day. Both metals are relatively flat to begin the week. Silver is currently around $26.40, while gold is near $1,792 amid a subdued dollar and mixed jobs data that was released on Friday.  The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that more jobs were added in June, but unemployment rates have actually increased. Many investors were looki... Read More

Gold & Silver Steady as Investors Await Jobs Data

After barely snapping a more than three-week losing streak, gold is subdued to start the week while the dollar steadies. Currently, gold is sitting near $1,780 an ounce, which is close to where it ended last week. Silver is also little changed from last week’s levels and is hovering around the $26.15 mark. Given how reactive both metals have been to Fed updates in recent weeks, it’s likely that additional updates from the central bank may continue to ... Read More

Gold Looks to End Losing Streak as Stocks Surge

Precious metals are wrapping up a relatively calm week, compared to last week, in which a more hawkish Fed stance and subsequent dollar rally led to a decline of more than 5% for both gold and silver. Heading into this week, investors were focused on monetary policy clues and inflation data.Gold started the week around $1,783 an ounce, while the Dollar Index ended Monday close to two-month highs. Silver opened the week closer to $25.90 an ounce. Read More

Marketplace Shortages Persist

Gold prices hit $1,844.12 per ounce by 9:00 a.m. EDT. Silver hit $26.93.  Gasoline shortages plagued the United States as a result of a hack on Colonial Pipeline, Co., a crucial  Read More

Commodity & Industrial Shares Are Up

Gold is up nearly $16 to $1,840 an ounce, while Silver is down almost 15 cents to $27.35 as of 9 a.m. EDT.  Early in the week, the S&P 500 saw a rise in commodity and industrial shares. ... Read More

Precious Metal Underdogs Are Up

Rising inflation pressure in the United States supports bullion’s continued momentum. As of 8:30 a.m. CST Friday morning, Gold was at $1,777.50, Silver rose t... Read More

Precious Metals Are Up

As of 9 a.m. EDT Friday, Gold was at $1,803.48, Silver rose to $26.46, Palladium leapt to $2,945.50 and Platinum hit $1,261.20. Palladium is a Precious Metal to watch this week. Analysts project it to continue climbing due to automakers purchasing more of the Precious Metal. Dogecoin remained a star this week, rising to record highs followed by small recoils. Still, Cryptocurrency remains volatile following Coinbase going public last week. Bitcoin notably suffered. Read More

Gold Rises, Dollar Declines

As of 9 a.m. EDT Friday, Gold was up to $1,786.70, Silver rose to $26.32, Palladium followed suit at $2,798.50 and Platinum dropped to $1,208.30.A computer chip shortage threatens United States markets. If a solution is not found soon, the global automobile industry stands to lose $61 billion in sales this year.Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $63,000 mid-week, outperforming its last peak in March. Coinbase Global, Inc. went public this week, fostering hope that cryptoc... Read More

Gold Sees a Gain for the Week

Gold was down at the start of the week and has dropped some at the end, but it’s up week-over-week. Thursday saw it hit its highest point since March 1. Friday’s prices hit $1,741.91 by 9 a.m. EDT. Precious Metals in general are struggling, with Silver, Platinum and Palladium all dealing with weekly drops. U.S. economic indicators are strong and investors are putting their money into riskier assets, dropping their Precious Metal holdings.The big news of the week has be... Read More

Gold Rises Slightly to Start Second Quarter

The first quarter was a loss for Gold, but the second quarter is starting stronger as Gold rose to end this holiday-shortened week. It hit $1,733.72 by 9 a.m. EDT. Precious Metals are mostly trading within a range, with no major surprise jumps.Joe Biden unveiled his infrastructure investment plan this week. The plan is to be funded by changes in the corporate tax rate, with the global tax rate rising to 21% and the U.S. rate rising 7% to hit 28% in total. Treasuries jumped on Wedn... Read More

Gold Loses Out to Dollar

Gold hit $1,734.55 by 9 a.m. EDT, on track for its first weekly dip in 3 weeks. It has dropped against the dollar. Gold and Silver have been range-bound for the week, not moving much past support. Global trade is dealing with a shock as a container ship grounded in the Suez Canal on Wednesday and has not yet been removed. It is costing roughly $400 million per hour to the global economy. Chinese companies took a hit on U.S. exchanges due to threats t... Read More

Treasuries and Bullion Affected by Fed Chair Remarks

The big news of this week was the Federal Reserve meeting and remarks by chairman Jerome Powell. Powell indicated that the Fed would keep rates low through 2023, and Treasury yields spiked Thursday in the wake of his remarks before settling back down. Gold dipped during the spike but still tracked for a week-over-week gain of around 0.8%, hitting $1,750.67 per ounce by 9 a.m. EDT. Palladium had a very good week — it was on track for a 12% gain but will come slightly short of that. Read More

Gold Suffers Over the Week

Gold hit $1,711.52 by 9 a.m. EST. It’s been a bad week for Precious Metals in general, and in particular for Gold. It rallied through Thursday but lost much of its gain for the week today. Markets have been up and down this week, but they’ve mostly trended up. Monday was a rough day for tech stocks and other growth stocks, which pushed the Nasdaq down. It responded with a massive day on Tuesday. Stocks continue their trend up. Joe Biden&r... Read More

Precious Metals Sink as Treasuries Spike

This week’s big news in Precious Metals is a continued drop as U.S. Treasury bonds continue to rise. Gold has dropped to almost $1,700 per ounce and Silver is just above $25. Stocks rose for much of the early week, but Thursday remarks from Fed chair Jerome Powell pushed them down again. These trends remained steady into Friday morning.  The COVID-19 stimulus package helmed by Joe Biden made it through the Senate this week, but Republican and moderate Democra... Read More

Bonds Rise, Gold Tanks

Gold has dropped well below the $1,800 per ounce mark as bond yields rise and investors push for interest-bearing assets. Gold and Silver are both bearing the brunt of the change, though PGMs are still up. The U.S. stimulus proposal advanced by Joe Biden and the Democrats looks likely to pass Congress. The only change may be that the minimum wage hike Biden proposed may need to go through a separate approval process, as it is not eligible for the fast-track process used for the res... Read More

Gold Down, Platinum Up

Platinum continues its good year, cracking $1,300 per ounce this week and settling above it. Gold is down to its lowest level since July. Industrial metal demand is skyrocketing, driving prices for any metals with commercial applications. Base metals benefit significantly from this, but so do important precious metals like Silver and Platinum. The United States is dealing with a massive network of winter storms that are slowing down deliveries, upending en... Read More

Platinum Up, Other Metals Hold Gains

Gold was down to $1,825.46 this morning, but the metal has mostly held on this week after a rough patch. It still remains above the $1,800 mark. Silver has stayed above $27. Platinum has been a big gainer over the year so far, reaching over $1,250 on expectations of increased automotive and green demand. Stocks have been on a long bull run, and some analysts are warning that the end of the run may be soon. U.S. oil inventory went down, and though the commodity continues... Read More

Silver Hits Peak and Slides, Demand Still High

The story of this week in Precious Metals has been Silver, which benefited from a run by the same people who orchestrated the GameStop run. Market volatility cooled on Tuesday as Silver retreated slightly. Gold has pulled back significantly, particularly headed into Thursday. Politicians across the political spectrum called for reviews of market regulations in the wake of the retail trader frenzy, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is meeting with top regulators to loo... Read More

Day Trading Drives Market for Silver

Silver spiked at the end of this week due to endorsements from retail trader Reddit forum WallStreetBets. It hit $27.48 by 9 a.m. EST. Gold is also up after a rough Thursday, trading at $1,883.99 by the same time. Retail day traders have been the story of the week. Small investors in large groups, directed by forums like WallStreetBets and investors like Barstool’s Dave Portnoy and industrialist Elon Musk, are moving the market in unprecedented ways. These small t... Read More

Gold Has a Steady Week

Gold went up to around $1,875 midweek, but much of this week’s trading has been around or just over the $1,850 mark. Silver and Platinum followed the same trend. The big news of this week was the inauguration of new U.S. president Joe Biden. Biden’s administration is likely to be more stimulus-friendly than the outgoing Trump administration. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already indicated a willingness to spend. Stocks have had a good wee... Read More

Gold Trapped Between Inflation and U.S. Optimism

Gold has fluctuated all week with no clear direction yet, hitting $1,848.92 by 9 a.m. EST this morning on a quick plunge downwards. Gold’s troubles have not affected Platinum, though, which rose 3% week over week despite a big drop at the end of this week. Bitcoin dropped by around 20% to start the week. Corn commodity markets hit a six-year high, as the big three crops run into a supply shortage. COVID-19 numbers flattened out in the U.S. as a whole... Read More

A Choppy Week for Precious Metals

Political turmoil has driven markets this week, with a contentious environment in the U.S. resulting in fluctuations in Precious Metals, Treasuries and the dollar. Gold dropped to start Friday, dipping to $1,900.40 per ounce by 9 a.m. EST. Senate runoffs on Tuesday in Georgia resulted in a Democratic Senate, and though certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory was delayed by a mob breaking into the Capitol on Wednesday, by Thursday morning Democrats solidified c... Read More

Final Week of 2020 Caps Strong Year for Precious Metals

Precious Metals have had a very strong year. Gold is up 24 percent year over year, Silver over 48 percent, Platinum 10 percent and Palladium 22 percent. Gold has ticked up on Thursday as the dollar weakens. Stocks around the world are up this week as investors rebalance portfolios headed into the new year. Many seem to believe in riskier assets for 2021. China and Europe have begun working closer together. Chinese markets are up on news of an E.U./China trade de... Read More

2020 Market Year in Review

This year started full of optimism, with financial analysts expecting another year of excellent growth worldwide. It didn’t quite turn out that way.  The year in finances had several significant factors, but the most important was COVID-19. Though Brexit, U.S. economic stimulus talks, falling oil demand and high unemployment were all major news stories, many of the effects could be traced back to COVID-19 and the global response to the pandemic... Read More

Dollar Drops, Gold Benefits

Precious Metal markets this week were ruled by the dollar, which weakened. This was the result of continual wrangling over stimulus in Congress and renewed optimism over a Brexit trade deal pushing the European markets up. Gold looks to be finishing the week in the $1,880 to $1,890 range after drops earlier in the week. Brexit is the big news of the week, with a trade deal all but finalized this morning. In the meantime, the U.K. is dealing with a new strain of COVID-19 which... Read More

Inflation Risk Pushes Gold Up

Gold hit its highest point since November 16 yesterday, mainly due to stimulus hopes for the U.S. economy. Congress seems more motivated than ever to come to an agreement. Inflation from a proposed stimulus bill would push Precious Metals higher. On the other hand, the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out in the U.S. and E.U., which may promote investor confidence and prompt them to invest in riskier assets. Time will tell.Joe Biden officially won the majority of electoral votes in ... Read More

COVID, Congress and the Crown: A Week of Deadlock

This week saw Gold rise slightly to start before tapering off later in the week. Markets are dealing with many different inputs, as deadlock in multiple areas of the world continues to take its toll and small pieces of news cause fluctuations. Platinum fell off its peak from the end of last week. COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continue to climb, as do deaths. Optimism over stimulus in Congress has withered as the parties involved continue to wrangle over the details. A grou... Read More

Precious Metals Rise as Stimulus Talks Finally Progress

The big news for this week in Precious Metals has been a breakthrough in the standoff between Republican Congressional leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The two and their respective parties had been talking about stimulus packages for the economy for months, and each had their own plan. A bipartisan group of lawmakers created a middle ground proposal this week and both McConnell and Pelosi threw their weight behind it. That news lifted Gold and Precious Metals o... Read More

Precious Metals Take a Beating

This has been a very rough week for Precious Metals, with Silver slipping below $23 per ounce and Gold below $1,800 to finish the week. Markets overall have had a very good week, with stocks on pace for their best month on record. As Joe Biden prepares for a transition of power in the U.S. presidency and COVID-19 vaccine production kicks into gear, investors have rediscovered their appetite for risk. The European Central Bank warned this week that European banks had low... Read More

No Stability in Sight for Precious Metals

Gold prices have been down for a good part of this week, but are up $10 this morning after a very rapid climb. Haven assets have struggled this week to balance news of a COVID-19 vaccine against increasing virus spread worldwide. One metal that has had a solid couple of weeks is Platinum, which has trended upwards for a while. Stimulus is still stalled, and while Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are talking, neither has budged from their position. It still looks unlikel... Read More

Markets Fluctuate on COVID-19 News

The big story of this week has been a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer, which so far has had a 90 percent success rate in clinical trials. Gold and other Precious Metals plunged at the news. They rose shakily through the week, though, and Gold is back up around $1,900 per ounce this morning.COVID-19 dominates the headlines, and not just because of the vaccine. The United States is dealing with a huge spike in cases, shattering records day by day. Europe is also seeing signific... Read More

No Clarity on U.S. Election

U.S. elections are the big story of the week, and there is not yet clarity in some key battleground states. Gold has moved up in response. It reached $1,968 by 9 a.m. EST. Markets believe that a Biden presidency, a distinct possibility in a close race, would push through stimulus that would raise inflation. U.S. futures have been up and down through the week, rising midweek and dropping towards the end of the week. The dollar is close to its two-year low. There is still... Read More

No Stimulus in Sight, Precious Metals Suffer

Gold and Silver dropped to their one-month low on Thursday, and Precious Metals overall suffered on Thursday thanks to better-than-expected U.S. economic data and euro weakness. Treasuries and the dollar became a more appealing option than Precious Metals for investors that wanted a hedge against inflation. Friday has seen a rise and Gold is knocking on the $1,900 per ounce mark again. U.S. COVID-19 infections are rising again and Europe is putting new lockdowns into pl... Read More

Markets Wait on Mnuchin and Pelosi’s Aid Package

U.S. stimulus has been the big story of the week. Gold and other Precious Metals have been moving inversely to inflation, and stimulus would drive inflation up. Nancy Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin have been working together on stimulus for weeks trying to come to a solution. Pelosi set Tuesday as the deadline for having a plan in place, but it’s debatable whether the Democrats and Republicans can find common ground before the election. The White House, the Democrats led by Pelosi and the ... Read More

Precious Metals and Markets in a Holding Pattern

This has been an up and down week for Precious Metals, particularly Gold, which took a beating due to Steven Mnuchin’s admission this week that a stimulus package before the U.S. election would be “difficult”. Gold is down over the week a little over 1% after following the dollar index. Silver, Platinum and Palladium have remained in something of a holding pattern as well. Markets for the week have mostly moved on bank earnings news from the U.S., but worrying sig... Read More

Precious Metals Finish the Week Strong

On Friday, Precious Metals were up across the board. Gold saw an increase of nearly $28.50, or 1.5%, to mark $1,927 an ounce. Silver rose almost 80 cents, or 3.35%, to tally $24.70 an ounce. Platinum has seen the largest percentage increase, rising nearly $33, or 3.85%, to hit $905 an ounce. Lastly, Palladium is seeing the largest dollar spread, rising almost $69.50, or 2.95%, to mark $2,532 an ounce. Precious Metals are surging forward, springing of... Read More

Gold Price Falters as COVID-Aid Talks Break Down

Gold briefly fell below the $1,900 an ounce mark mid-Tuesday. The yellow metal has given up nearly $22 to mark around $1,902 an ounce. President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he had instructed his representatives in talks with Democrats over an economic aid package “to stop negotiating until after the election.” Stocks on Wall Street gave up their gains after the president’s tweet, which accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “not negotiating in good faith.... Read More

Gold and the U.S. Dollar Seesaw Throughout the Week

Gold finished higher Monday, as weakness in the U.S. dollar helped to fuel some buying in bullion. This came despite a rally in stocks that would otherwise suggest fading appetite for assets perceived as safe havens. The U.S. dollar on Monday was down 0.4%, following a weekly gain of 1.8%. Gold prices regained the psychologically important $1,900 an ounce mark on Tuesday to mark their highest peak in a week. The pullback in the U.S. dollar for a second session prompted bullion pric... Read More

Gold Has Worst Week in Six Months

Gold was trading at $1,869.11 at 9 a.m. EST today, and Silver has dropped below $23 per ounce. Precious Metals have taken a beating at the hands of the dollar as investors flock to Treasuries and the dollar again and currency speculators take out bullish options bets against the euro and pound. The dollar is seeing more action as a hedge than Precious Metals are right now and many Gold bets are being unwound to cover losses on the stock market. The U.S. government avoid... Read More

Gold Up for the Week but Lower Than Expected

It has been a week of moves for Precious Metals.Gold has always been the weathervane for the Precious Metals market as a whole, and this week saw a lot of price changes. The Fed met this week to set monetary policy for the U.S., and though markets expected a dovish stance on inflation, the central bank’s policy did not go as far as many traders would have liked. Gold had a nice run up into the meeting and dropped headed out of it, eventually settling back around the $1,950 a... Read More

European Strength Dictates Gold Swing

The tech stock selloff is the big story of the first half of this short Labor Day week, and markets haven’t completely rebounded from the wind going out of Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook’s sails. Tech stocks were leading a bull run that had continued since March, but with that bubble somewhat deflated, traditional hedges like Gold got more attractive. Gold had a good week, likely ending up for the week as a whole after three days of gains and a slight... Read More

Gold Drops for Month of August

Gold and Precious Metals end the week a little lower than the start. Gold touched $1,990 an ounce briefly mid-week, but as of 9 a.m. EST today it dropped to $1,928.99. The price has begun to rebound again. August’s Precious Metals market ended slightly lower on the aggregate than it began the month. Gold in particular has been under some pressure. This week has been one of big swings as the stock markets finally cooled off a bull run they’ve been on since March. Thursday’... Read More

Gold Ends the Week Strong

Gold has seen ups and downs over the course of this week. In the lead up to the Federal Reserve's Jackson Hole address on Thursday, the Precious Metal spiked to $1,981.51 before crashing to earth as profit taking drove prices down after the Fed's announcements. Many central banks around the world, including the Federal Reserve, want to keep interest rates low even if interest rates rise. Friday morning's Precious Metals market headed upwards due to that inclination. Economic recovery in many ... Read More

Dollar Value Puts Pressure on Gold

Gold went back over $2,000 briefly this week, but a slide from Wednesday on has left the Precious Metal hovering around $1,950 per ounce. News reports on Monday confirmed that Berkshire Hathaway had moved a significant chunk of assets away from banks and into Barrick Gold, which prompted a flurry of buying. Warren Buffett is known for his skepticism about precious metals, so even purchase of a mining stock is out of the ordinary. Tensions between China and the U.S. have... Read More

Gold Back Over $2,000 per Ounce

After hitting a historic high two weeks ago, Gold had a huge one-day drop and retreated as the dollar strengthened. Today Gold re-broke $2,000 per ounce.The dollar has weakened slightly in the last few days and Treasury bond yields have lowered as confidence in the U.S. economy wanes. U.S.-China tensions have increased as trade talks planned for the weekend stalled and were delayed, while the Trump administration has installed sanctions on Chinese telecommunications company Huawei... Read More

Gold Dips On the Week

Gold is currently posting a weekly drop after beginning a slide down on Friday last week. Monday's market settled around $2,030 but Precious Metals have taken a dive throughout the week, with Gold settling in the $1,950 range to end the week and Silver retreating to the $26 range.Monday's dip came with a rise in yields for Treasury bonds and the U.S. dollar, though key support around $2,030 an ounce for Gold came from worries about relations between the U.S. and China and the COVI... Read More

Gold Continues Record-Breaking Rally

Gold prices went higher to a new record on Monday, though the degree of climb was lower than many analysts expected thanks to the bounce in U.S. dollar value. The rally went close to the $2,000 per ounce mark but stopped just short of it, finishing at $1972.89 for the day. The Federal Reserve released news that it was going to allow price pressures above the 2% inflation target. Tuesday’s market saw Gold break the $2,000 per ounce mark finally, finishing at $2,022.66. Ongoing... Read More

Historic High: Gold Breaks $2,000 an Ounce

Gold has been breaking historic highs for the past month, and in the latest climb upwards it broke the milestone of $2,000 an ounce.Stock markets opened lower today due to lower-than-expected earnings across many separate industries, with blue chip companies like BP having to resort to dividend cuts to stay afloat. Earnings reports will continue to roll in as Tuesday continues. Large firms that have been staples of portfolios are taking a big step back due to the impact of the COV... Read More

Gold Tallies Multiple Records This Week

Gold climbed higher than $1,900 an ounce on Monday to mark its highest settlement on record. Investors continued to agonize over the state of the COVID-19 battered global economy and weakness in the U.S. dollar, amid concerns over the sustainability of recent stock gains. Gold rose on Tuesday to mark another record-high settlement as a fall in U.S. consumer confidence lifted the precious metal’s haven appeal. The gains came after the Conference Board reported that the index o... Read More

Gold Continues March Toward All-Time High

Silver marked its highest finish since 2016 on Monday, while Gold ended higher for a second consecutive session. Both metals found support as the rise in worldwide COVID-19 cases threatened economic recovery. Expectations for lower interest rates and more stimulus measures, as well as rising debt and U.S.-China tension, have prompted haven-demand. Gold soared Tuesday to mark a nearly nine-year high. Silver rallied to its highest since 2014. Precious Metals saw a lift by an agreemen... Read More

Bullion Prices See Rise Amid Rising Global COVID-19 Cases

On Monday, Gold registered its first gain in three sessions, with market analysts connecting the boost to a worldwide rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and robust investment in Gold-backed ETFs. Total U.S. COVID-19 cases exceeded 3.3 million on Monday, and the nation’s death toll topped 135,000, the Wall Street Journal reported. Also, Silver settled a near four-year high, up 73 cents to finish at $19.788 an ounce. That was the highest settlement since September 2016, according to ... Read More

Rise in COVID-19 Cases Boost Bullion Prices

The spot price of Gold was up nearly $6 to $1,794.10 an ounce in the early hours of Monday morning. Platinum also rose almost $17 to $849.90 an ounce, while Silver gained about 40 cents to $18.50 and Palladium climbed $16 to $2003.60. Global stimulus measures created to cushion economies from the fallout of COVID-19 lockdowns and lower yields have lifted Gold nearly 17% so far this year. A deterioration of U.S.-China trade relations may also deliver some bullion buying momentum. Read More

European Green Deal Proposal Boosts Palladium Prices

Europe's most influential global organization, the European Commission, has earmarked the energy transition as one of the most important topics for the coming years. The European Green Deal is one of its most bold plans to mobilize nearly €1 trillion in public-private investments over the next decade. Recently the highly anticipated hydrogen strategy was leaked, revealing how Europe's top policymakers intend to expand the fuel's value chain from production to transportation, storage, ... Read More

Gold Rises Above $1,800 An Ounce Mark

U.S. stocks slipped early Tuesday, following the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq’s five-day rally, as investors considered the risks to the economy from tens of thousands of new COVID-19 cases nationwide. Pushing safe-haven demand, Gold has risen above the $1,800 an ounce mark, currently hovering around $1,804.20. Read More

Gold Falls from Multi-Year Peak as the U.S. Dollar Strengthens

The Gold spot price fell on Tuesday, amid competition from the U.S. dollar as COVID-19 cases soared worldwide, and investors booked profits following bullion's rally to a near eight-year peak last week. Gold fell nearly $6 to $1,788.70 an ounce early Tuesday, which is only 26 cents shy of Wednesday's near eight-year peak of $1,788.96. Record increases in COVID-19 cases in the United States have triggered cities to roll back reopening plans. On Monday, India, also the world's second... Read More

Bullion Sees Gains to Begin the Week

The spot price of Gold was up nearly $6 to $1,794.10 an ounce in the early hours of Monday morning. Platinum also rose almost $17 to $849.90 an ounce, while Silver gained about 40 cents to $18.50 and Palladium climbed $16 to $2003.60. Global stimulus measures created to cushion economies from the fallout of COVID-19 lockdowns and lower yields have lifted gold nearly 17% so far this year. A deterioration of U.S.-China trade relations may also deliver some bullion buying momentum. Read More

Gold Prices Lower to Begin July After Hitting Highest Mark Since 2011

Gold prices are sinking lower on Wednesday after surpassing $1,800 an ounce and marking the highest finish since in almost nine years on Tuesday, as doubt about the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic bolstered demand for the yellow Precious Metal. Concerns of the spread of COVID-19 and stimulus from governments to limit the detrimental effect of the illness is likely to encourage a rise for Gold. Gold sunk lower to $1,773 an ounce early Wednesday. In August 2011, the yell... Read More

Gold Prices Stay Largely Unchanged to Start the Week

Gold prices steadied on Monday, staying near an eight-year point reached last week and heading for the yellow metal’s most substantial quarterly gains in over four years, as rising numbers in global COVID-19 cases alarmed investors. The spot price of gold was nearly stagnant at $1,778 an ounce early Monday morning. The persistent spread of COVID-19 cases curtailed optimism for a speedy recovery of the global economy, sending world shares to a two-week low. News headlines to b... Read More

Gold Climbs Near Eight-Year High Amid Resurgence of COVID-19 Cases

The Gold spot price rose to $1,773.20 an ounce early Monday. Prices are nearly $9.00 more than the seven and a half year high of $1,764.55, hit in May of this year. U.S. Gold futures also climbed 0.7% to $1,764.50. Gold prices have soared 15% so far in 2020, boosted by fears of COVID-19-prompted economic slowdowns and unprecedented global stimulus measures by governments and central banks. Gold climbed toward its highest mark in more than seven years Tuesday as low-interest rates, ... Read More

Gold Marks 5-week High as COVID-19 Cases Escalate

The Gold spot price rose to $1,773.20 an ounce early Monday. Prices are nearly $9.00 more than the seven and a half year high of $1,764.55, hit in May of this year. U.S. Gold futures also climbed 0.7% to $1,764.50. Gold prices have soared 15% so far in 2020, boosted by fears of COVID-19-prompted economic slowdowns and unprecedented global stimulus measures by governments and central banks. Read More

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