Precious Metals Market Reports

Apple's Revenue Warning Causes Precious Metals Price Hike

Gold climbed to a two-week high on Tuesday, as investors sought safe havens after a revenue warning from Apple due to coronavirus, worsening fears of the outbreak’s impact on global economic growth. Apple’s warning that its sales would fall short sent shockwaves across markets and knocked global equities off their recent record highs. Oil also fell below $57 a barrel on Tuesday, pressured by concerns over the impact on oil demand from the coronavirus outbreak. Silver and Pallad... Read More

Coronavirus Continues to Rock Precious Metals Market

Gold prices climbed on Monday to mark a fourth consecutive gain, as investors worried about the economic impact on China of the fast-moving outbreak of the coronavirus. Silver prices also saw a boost on Monday, getting a .5% rise. The death toll for the novel strain of coronavirus climbed to more than 900 in mainland China, exceeding that of the severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, that claimed 774 lives and infected about 8,100 people in 2002 to 2003. The World Health Organization ... Read More

Strengthened U.S. Dollar Dulls Gold Spot Price

Gold jumped 1% on Monday to a near three-week high as growing concerns that the coronavirus outbreak in China could impact the global economy, pushing investors towards haven investments. The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 81 in China, with 2,744 confirmed cases, and the virus has spread to more than 10 countries, including the U.S. and France as of Monday. Palladium dropped 2.2% to start the week after having reached a record high of $2,582.19 last week. Gold prices... Read More

Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Market Turmoil

Gold jumped 1% on Monday to a near three-week high as growing concerns that the coronavirus outbreak in China could impact the global economy, pushing investors towards haven investments. The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 81 in China, with 2,744 confirmed cases, and the virus has spread to more than 10 countries, including the U.S. and France as of Monday. Palladium dropped 2.2% to start the week after having reached a record high of $2,582.19 last week. Gold prices... Read More

Coronavirus Epidemic Fueling Gold and Silver Price Rise

Gold and Silver prices rose on Thursday, with the marketplace focus on the coronavirus outbreak. U.S. stock futures also tumbled on Thursday, as the coronavirus epidemic fueled concerns of a further slowdown in economic growth in China. Copper has sunk to a five-month low, also attributed to the expected economic slowdown in China. Chinese authorities said more than 7,700 people have been infected, with at least 170 dead as of Thursday morning. Read More

Gold and Silver Prices Dip

Gold prices edged lower Tuesday, as investor worries over the spread of China’s coronavirus somewhat subsided and prices consolidated a day after ending at a more-than-six-year high. Silver prices also dipped on Tuesday, lowering almost .50 cents to stay below $17.60. Read More

Gold Price Rises to a Near Six-Year High

On Monday, Gold prices headed to a more than six-year high, as fears of the economic impact of a fast-moving viral outbreak hurt appetite for stocks and fueled the increase of haven assets. The coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan City, China, has infected nearly 3,000 people and killed at least 80, prompting Beijing to extend the annual Lunar New Year holiday by two days to February 2 to contain the spread. In the U.S., the number of domest... Read More

Coronavirus Outbreak in China Sends Waves Through Financial Markets

Gold hit a more than one-week high on Monday as investors hedged against lingering tensions in the Middle East and an impeachment trial in Washington, while Palladium's record rise showed no signs of waning. Palladium advanced about 2% after the Precious Metal hit a record high of $2,582 last week. Silver fell on Tuesday as the U.S. dollar stea... Read More

Silver Down Over .40 Cents

Silver fell on Tuesday as the U.S. dollar steadied near a one-month high and concerns of an economic fallout from the coronavirus in China loomed over investors. A coronavirus outbreak that began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan sent waves through financial markets, as the World Health Organization called a meeting to consider declaring an international health emergency. Investors may flock to Silver bullion as a haven asset if the virus is deemed a genuine outbreak in Asia. Silver is ... Read More

Platinum and Palladium Get a Boost

Gold prices fell on Monday as optimism in equity markets ahead of the signing of an interim U.S.-China trade deal and lack of further escalation in Middle East tensions diminished bullion's safe-haven appeal. The global push for clean cars has given Palladium a boost, surging to more than $2,000 an ounce on Monday. Palladium has benefited from continued demand from the car industry for palladium-based catalytic converters. Gold prices continued to fall on Tuesday but held above $1,500 pe... Read More

Gold and Silver See Back to Back Lift This Week

Gold prices ended higher on Monday, receiving a boost as Treasury yields fell and the U.S. dollar weakened. Gold maintained that same momentum on Tuesday. Silver prices also recorded a back-to-back lift. Gold dipped slightly on Wednesday, following a report that said phase one of the U.S.-China trade deal might not be reached this year. Gold dropped to its lowest in a week on Thursday following the Wednesday report on U.S.-China trade potential. Gold prices climbed Friday morning, as weakn... Read More

Gold Price Fluctuates Due to U.S.-China Trade Deal

Gold finished low on Monday, as the rise in stocks fueled the Precious Metal’s decline. Gold continued to struggle on Tuesday, settling to their lowest since August. Strength in the U.S. dollar and high stock prices contribute to the yellow metal’s drop. Gold and Silver prices saw an increase Wednesday, as investors experienced uncertainty regarding U.S.-China trade talks and the first public impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Gold prices kept their momentum on Th... Read More

Gold Falls to a Three-Month Low

Gold lowered on Monday, with U.S. benchmark stock indexes dulling demand for the Precious Metal. Gold continued to fall on Tuesday, as a climb in U.S. stocks, bond yields and hope for a U.S.-China trade deal sent prices for the Precious Metal to their lowest in three weeks. Gold settled slightly higher Wednesday, a day after the Precious Metal fell below the key $1,500 mark. Gold dropped Thursday to its lowest finish in three months and the largest weekly percentage decline in more than a ... Read More

A Weak U.S. Stock Market Lends Support to Gold Prices

Gold dropped on Monday, with strength in the U.S. stock market fueling the Precious Metal’s settlement below the key $1,500 mark. Gold declined to rise on Tuesday, settling at its lowest in a week, as strength in the U.S. stock market drew investors away from the yellow Precious Metal. After posting back-to-back declines, Gold prices rose early Wednesday only to fall after the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate. Gold pressed higher Thursday, finding haven-related support... Read More

Gold Continues to Climb

Silver prices ended higher on Monday, while Gold suffered another decline as investors continued to watch Britain’s effort to leave the European Union and awaited developments in the U.S.-China trade discussion. Gold ended a bit lower Tuesday, as investors continued monitoring geopolitical events and trade talks. Gold caught a break on Wednesday, seeing its first rise in four days amid political uncertainties. Gold prices climbed on Thursday, seeing its highest finish in almost two w... Read More

U.S.-China Trade Tensions Create Market Uncertainty

For the week, Gold is on track to lose 1.9%, which would represent the firmest sharpest decline since a 2% decline in the week of November 9, 2018. Gold settled lower Monday, as investors watched developments in trade discussions between the United States and China. Gold prices rose slightly on Tuesday only to lower again, pressured by strength in the U.S. dollar. Gold headed higher on Wednesday, as investors kept an eye on U.S.-China tariff negotiations, development... Read More

Investors Struggle with Bullion Prices Following Latest U.S. Jobs Report

Gold prices dipped over 2% Monday, settling below $1,500, its lowest finish in two months, as strength in U.S. dollar and some flexibility in U.S. stocks drew demand away from bullion. The recent drawback in Precious Metals has come as the dollar has been firming, amid weakness in global currencies. Gold prices ended higher Tuesday, as a drop in the U.S. Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index pulled benchmark stock indexes lower, fueling demand for the Precious Metal... Read More

Gold Price Rises & Falls Amid U.S. Political Turmoil

Gold & Silver Market Report – September 27, 2019 On Monday, Gold rose to its highest in over two weeks as weak economic data fueled global recession fears and forced investors to seek sanctuary in bullion. Investors are also keeping a close eye on U.S.-China trade ties, after a Chinese agriculture delegation canceled their visit to U.S. farm states, adding to the uncertainty in the drawn-out dispute that has weighed on the global economy. Gold climbed to its highest in ne... Read More

Gold Settles but Poised for Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/2/2019 Gold prices decline but still on track for another weekly gain. Trump's recent tariff tweet may have been strategically timed.  Palladium sees a sharp decline, but still in high demand.  Gold prices declined Friday morning, dropping as much as 1 percent. This downward movement was attributed to investors booking profits after a 2 percent rise i... Read More

Fed Preps for First Rate Cut Since Financial Crisis

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report –7/29/2019 Federal Reserve to meet this week for a decision on an interest rate cut. Gold prices get a lift on expectations of dovish monetary policy.  Other major policy decisions expected from Europe and Asia. The United States Federal Reserve is widely expected to cut interest rates this week. Many investors have predicted a quarter-point cut,... Read More

Gold Gets a Lift from Stimulus Predictions

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report –7/24/2019 As countries signal easier monetary policy, Gold prices rise. Silver sees gains in seven of last eight sessions.  Declining real yields add to U.S. economy concerns. Gold prices went up Wednesday morning as a growing number of people expect an easing of monetary policy from key central banks. Many nations around the world are likely to take action against a slowing global economy.... Read More

Gold Holds Steady as Treasury Yields Slip

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/22/2019 Gold prices steady following positive yet volatile week.  Central banks around the world more dovish on monetary policy. Strategists at Goldman Sachs believe there is little room for additional stock market gains. Gold prices held steady Monday morning after volatile but ultimately bullish trading last week. U.S. Gold futures declined slightly, opening with somewhat smaller trade... Read More

Gold Prices Aimed at Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/19/2019 Rising Gold prices ease, but hold on to gains. Silver climbs to one-year high spot price. Rhodium prices increase as emissions standards tighten.  Bullish Gold prices eased Friday morning, following a previous surge to a six-year high of $1,450 per troy ounce. The cooling prices have been attributed to investors booking profits. Furt... Read More

Gold Feels Pressure Following Upbeat U.S. Data

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/17/2019 Positive retail data in the U.S. puts downward pressure on Gold. U.S. Treasury and Fed must collaborate to weaken the dollar. Palladium volatility leads some analysts to question predictions. The price of Gold slid early Wednesday morning following surprisingly positive retail sales data in the United States. The U.S. dollar reached one-w... Read More

Slowing Growth in China Stabilizes Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/15/2019 Gold price stabilizes amid mixed economic reports from China. Platinum prices climb to a one-week high. Growing number of Wall Street analysts see potential for a currency war.  Gold prices stabilized Monday morning after newly released data showed economic growth in China slowing to its weakest point in over two-and-... Read More

Gold Prices Ascend Amid Higher Factory Inflation

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/12/2019 Gold prices rise as factory inflation rates go up. Industrial growth may be slowing faster than previously thought. Some analysts conclude the industrial sector is already in recession.  The price of Gold rose Friday morning as news of higher factory inflation began to spread. August Gold futures were up to $1,409.35 ... Read More

U.S. Dollar Falls as Gold Prices Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/10/2019 Gold prices rise as U.S. dollar struggles. S&P gets a boost from Fed Chair Powell's remarks before Congress. Fed planning inquiry into Facebook cryptocurrency. Gold futures and spot prices rose Wednesday, setting the stage for the highest levels of the week. Meanwhile, U.S. dollar values fell following statements from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell that many analysts interpre... Read More

Gold Remains Stable as Stocks Decline

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/8/2019 Declining stocks fail to send support toward safe-haven Gold. Fed Chair Powell scheduled to appear before Congress. A strong U.S. dollar may be more critical to economy than ending trade war. As stock prices turned downward Monday, Gold prices remained stable. While declining markets typically send Precious Metals prices soaring... Read More

Gold Prices Nosedive Following Optimistic Jobs Report

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/5/2019 U.S. economy adds 224,000 jobs in June, more than expected.  Strong economic data sends Gold prices tumbling. Low industrial demand could prevent Silver rally. Gold prices declined Friday morning after June U.S. jobs data proved to be much better than expected. The promising jobs numbers raised doubt in many investors that the Federal Reserve will indeed lower interest rates in th... Read More

Gold Prices Extend Rally

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/3/2019 Gold price rally continues, hits six-year high. Trump's new Fed nominees will likely support lower interest rates. Fed nominee Shelton in favor of return to Gold Standard. Gold prices escalated again Wednesday morning, reaching the highest mark in six years. This upward climb comes as many investors hope for more relaxed monetary policies, in the U.S. and around the world. Read More

Gold Trends Toward Substantial Monthly Gains

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/28/2019 Gold aims for biggest monthly rally since 2016. If Silver breaks out, it could outperform Gold. Bitcoin sell-off advances after prices drop below $11,000. As Gold continues to rally toward the end of June, it has the potential of seeing its most significant monthly gain since June 2016. Escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China, along with looser monetary policies from seve... Read More

Gold Prices Drop After Tariff Delay Announced

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/26/2019 Gold prices decline more than one percent. Markets react to suggestion that U.S.-China trade war outcome would be positive. Fed Chair Powell reiterates central bank independence. Gold prices slipped downward Wednesday morning following updates on the U.S.-China trade war from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. According to... Read More

Gold Prices Rise Above $1,400

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/24/2019 Gold continues to rise, topping $1,400. Fed cues regarding lower interest rates increase market interset in Silver.  U.S. dollar continues to guide Precious Metals more than Chinese yuan.  The price of Gold co... Read More

Gold Nears 6-Year High as Fed Hints at Rate Cuts

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/21/2019 Dovish tone from Fed sends support to Gold. Platinum prices struggle to rally. White House explores changes at the Fed.  The price of Gold stabilized on Friday after rising to near 6-year highs. This p... Read More

Gold Pulls Back Ahead of Fed Announcement

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/19/2019 Pending Fed announcements keep Gold prices at bay. Silver makes another attempt above $15. U.S. Treasuries slip as central banks signal easier monetary policy. The price of Gold pulled back Wednesday morning, down from a 14-month high. This dip came as investors waited for new monetary policy statements from the U.S. Federal Re... Read More

Gold Dips Ahead of Fed Meeting

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/17/2019 Price of Gold declines from previous-session wins. Investors hope for new Fed interest rate policy announcement. European Central Bank to hold policy meeting this week. The price of Gold withdrew early Monday, falling from the 14-month peak hit in the previous session. Gold’s downward movement comes as market watchers prepare for a U.S. Federal Reserve meeting this week. A stron... Read More

Gold Surpasses $1,350 as Growth Concerns Spread

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/14/2019 Following more global turmoil, Gold prices rise. Silver lifts above crucial $15 mark. Skepticism from automakers may be holding Platinum prices down. The price of Gold leaped up more than 1 percent Friday morning, reaching above the crucial $1,350 level. This rally marks the first time since April the yellow metal has broken ab... Read More

Gold Prices Gain Momentum Amid Growth Concerns

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/12/2019 Disappointing global growth data gives Gold momentum. Palladium prices rise for five-consecutive sessions. Slowing Chinese economy could nudge Silver toward a major rally. On Wednesday, Gold prices gained momentum as the U.S. dollar slipped on concerns of global economic growth. Increased predictions the Federal Reserve would c... Read More

Gold Price Recedes After U.S.-Mexico Deal

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/10/2019 U.S.-Mexico trade deal increases investor appetite for riskier assets.  Silver markets in position to break out this week. Recently discovered Gold coin fetches record price. The price of Gold slipped 1 percent Monday morning, receding from a 14-month high hit in the previous session. This shift comes after the United... Read More

Gold Prices Aim for Biggest Weekly Gain in 3 Years

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/7/2019 Gold heads for large gains following weak U.S. jobs report. Cryptocurrency markets resemble early Internet volatility. U.S. Silver and Gold producer reduces operations. As of Friday morning, Gold was up 2.9 percent for the week. While Gold prices have been on the rise, extra support was gained this week due to a lackluster May U... Read More

Jobs Report Adds to Winning Streak for Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/5/2019 Price of Gold surges to 3-month high. Silver closes May with fourth month of declines. Spot Platinum sees gains to start June. Wednesday, Gold prices escalated to the highest point in more than a year, following an ADP jobs report showing lackluster hiring in May. This upward movement continues a long winning streak for Gold as ... Read More

Gold Price Hits 3-Month High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/3/2019 Price of Gold surges to 3-month high. Silver closes May with the fourth month of declines. Spot Platinum sees gains to start June. Amid continued, widespread losses for stocks, Gold futures hit a 3-month high Monday. Investors are fleeing riskier assets and embracing safe havens, including Precious Metals. Much of this movement ... Read More

Gold Moves Up Amid New Tariff Threats

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/31/2019 New tariffs against Mexico boost appetite for Gold. Many predict an interest rate cut from the Fed. Analysts disagree over whether the Palladium bubble has burst. The price of Gold reached a two-week peak early Friday, aiming for a monthly gain. If Gold can hold onto its traction, it would be the first monthly gain in four. Thi... Read More

Gold Prices Rise Amid Trade Tension Woes

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/29/2019 Volatile trade tensions between U.S. and China boost Gold. Gap between interest rates and spot Gold gets wider. Cybersecurity pioneer talks differences between Gold and Bitcoin. The price of Gold rose Wednesday due to growing investor worries of a worldwide economic downturn, ,with the ongoing U.S.-China trade war perpetuating these fears. This battle between two of the world’s ... Read More

Price of Gold Still as U.S. Dollar Retreats

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/24/2019 Gold price unshaken leading up to Federal Reserve announcements. The U.S. dollar declines alongside equity markets. Changing demands in the auto industry will affect demand for Platinum. Friday morning, Gold prices remained firm, following a rise above $1,280 per troy ounce Thursday. Weaker-than-expected U.S. data, meanwh... Read More

Gold Prices Unshaken as U.S. Dollar Withdraws

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/22/2019 Gold price unshaken leading up to Federal Reserve announcements. The U.S. dollar declines alongside equity markets. Changing demands in the auto-industry will affect demand for Platinum.  The price of Gold steadied Wednesday morning slightly up from two-week lows seen in the previous session. This stability comes as equity... Read More

Gold Battles to Recuperate Above $1,280

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/20/2019 Last week, the price of Gold lost nearly $10 per troy ounce under pressure from a strong U.S. dollar. On Monday, the yellow metal continued to battle for recovery above the $1,280 mark, hitting as low as $1,276.49 earlier in the day. FXStreet reports whil... Read More

Gold Prices Stable After Steep Decline

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/17/2019 After declines Thursday, Gold prices stabilize. Further wins for Gold held back on expectations of stronger U.S. dollar. Palladium and Platinum set for record weekly declines.  Friday morning, the price of Gold was mostly stable after a deep decline during the previous session. Gains for the yellow metal diminished on a st... Read More

Gold Prices Stable as Stocks Pullback

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/15/2019 Gold prices stabilize as stock markets struggle. Trade tensions escalate between the U.S. and China. South African mining unions expected to demand wage increase.  Gold prices held steady Wednesday morning, reaching above the key $1,300 mark at 8 a.m. (ET). Stock markets worldwide, however, pulled back, reflecting an incre... Read More

Price of Gold Rises Amid Stock Losses

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/6/2019 Gold prices, both spot and futures, saw big gains Monday morning as stock markets tumbled. Stock futures markets opened down for the day, as trade talks between the U.S. and China once again came to a halt. MarketWatch reports Gold moved up for two consecutive sessions Friday, leading the Precio... Read More

Stock Prices Tumble Following Tariff Threats

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/6/2019 President Donald Trump threatened more Chinese tariffs, shaking markets. Precious Metals prices dip across the board early Monday.  Many investors brace for a potentially volatile financial week. After several weeks of vague but positive remarks about U.S.-China trade talks, President Trump once again threatened new tariff’s against China, alarming investors. These intimidat... Read More

Gold Prices Rally Following April Jobs Data

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/3/2019 Gold prices rally after U.S. jobs report. U.S. created more jobs than expected, but wages slowed. New demand could mean a 20 percent rally for Gold in 2019.  Following much-anticipated U.S. jobs data, Gold prices lifted from what would have been the most significant weekly decline since March. The rally in Gold trading was ... Read More

Gold Price Slips Ahead of Fed Decision

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 5/1/2019 Gold prices dip ahead of Federal Reserve announcement. U.S. and China enter new round of trade negotiations. Poor supply fundamentals keeping Silver prices low.  With new U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy decisions announced today, the price of Gold slipped downward. This change in direction came after overnight gains fo... Read More

Wall Street Approaches Record Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/29/2019 Wall Street stocks near record highs. Gold futures move down as riskier assets find support. U.S. dollar testing new, stronger levels.  After two record closes in a row for Nasdaq and the S&P 500, U.S. futures were aiming toward a muted open Monday. rep... Read More

Gold Prices Lift, Hindered by Stock Growth

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/17/2019 Gold prices see limited gains, held back by stock market wins. U.S. dollar tries and fails at a full recovery. South African mining stocks poised for promising future. The price of Gold briefly moved upward during early Wednesday trading, following significant declines the day before. The Precious Metal has since declined but r... Read More

Gold Prices Slip as Equities Optimism Grows

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/15/2019 Treasury Secretary Mnuchin gives market confidence a boost by signaling final rounds of U.S.-China talks. Silver prices testing lower support after a recent rally. Platinum-Gold spread shows potential for price correction. The price of Gold went down Monday morning to hit a one-week low amid growing appetites for equities and r... Read More

Gold Prices Stable, Targeting Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/12/2019 Gold remains stable as investors hopeful for weekly gain. New momentum for Gold could give traction to Silver, as well. Buyers finally take interest in Platinum's bargain pricing. As the U.S. dollar weakened this week, Gold prices remained stable. While spot Gold went down 1 percent the previous session, prices were up Friday m... Read More

Gold Stable Near Two-Week Peak

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/10/2019 Price of Gold stable as equity markets pull back.  IMF cuts global economic growth forecast. Rising Platinum prices may not lead to increased supply. Gold prices were stable Wednesday morning near a two-week high. This steady position comes as equities markets around the world retreat, following news the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut growth expectations. IMF released the ... Read More

Gold Reaches Upward Amid Dollar Weakness

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/8/2019 Spot Gold gets boost from U.S. dollar index declines Silver, Platinum and Palladium also see gains to start the week. Read More

Spot Gold Set for Second Week of Declines

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/5/2019 Gold prices continue to drop as stock investors gain confidence. Price of Silver sees volatility amid new employment data. U.S. manufacturing companies cut 6,000 jobs in March. Gold prices declined once again Friday morning as global stocks continued to rise. The U.S. dollar also rose as compared to the Japanese yen. Despite the... Read More

Equities Optimism Leads to Dip in Gold Price

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/3/2019 Stock markets rally after promising update on U.S.-China negotiations. Gold prices drop as buyers turn back to equities. Single-digit increases for Silver could mean decades-long boom. As stock markets worldwide rallied Wednesday morning, Gold prices sank. The boost for equities comes on the tails of hope the United States and China will soon reach a trade deal. A weaker U.S. dollar, h... Read More

Gold Futures Sink Amid Upbeat Data from China

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/1/2019 Increase in Chinese economic activity hits Gold prices. Sales of Gold at The Perth Mint skyrocket in March. Analyst believes Palladium price slump is only temporary. Monday morning, Gold futures dropped a bit following better-than-expected Chinese economic data. The news from China showed an increase in activity that lifted equity markets and tarnished the appeal of some safe-have... Read More

Gold Poised for Sizeable Monthly Fall

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/29/2019 Gold price falls amid U.S. dollar strength. Palladium bubble may have already burst. Bitcoin on track for the second month of wins. The price of Gold was mostly stable Friday morning, poised for the most significant month of losses since August 2018. A stronger U.S. dollar contributed to market pressures, as dollar-denominated Gold... Read More

Gold Declines as U.S. Dollar Builds Strength

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/27/2019 Stronger U.S. dollar sends Gold prices downward. More bullish signals from Silver markets.  Palladium prices fall, testing support for prices at $1,500. Spot prices and Gold futures dipped Wednesday morning, pushed down by new U.S. dollar strength. The Precious Metal was held back from further losses due to increased demand for safe-haven assets around the globe. As reported by Read More

Gold Prices Up as Safe-Haven Buying Gains Momentum

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/25/2019 Growing demand for safe-haven assets boosts Gold prices. Spot Silver climbs to $15.64 per troy ounce.  Chicago Fed President Charles Evans and other key leaders will speak this week. The price of Gold was up Monday morning as more buyers turned to safe-haven assets, including Precious Metals. Growing worries over a potential recession have challenged the U.S. dollar and contribut... Read More

Demand for Silver in India Could Reach 4-Year High

Price of Gold unsteady as markets await new Fed policy statement. India’s demand for Silver expected to rise. Exchange levels for Bitcoin may be severely over-reported. The demand for Silver in India is expected to rise this year, as Indian farmers from rural areas begin spending cash handouts distributed by the government. These handouts were meant to aid small local economies ahead of the next general election in India. In a Bloomberg repo... Read More

Brexit Concerns Prop Up Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/18/2019 Brexit concerns continue supporting Gold prices. All Precious Metals, including Platinum, trading up early Monday.  Rate hike patience from U.S. Fed good for Silver. On Friday, the price of Gold came back to the critical $1,300 per ounce level. This movement followed a statement by China Premier Li Keqiang suggesting ... Read More

Bitcoin Poised for Four-Week Winning Streak

Gold higher after dovish policy announcement from Bank of Japan. Brexit problems move Gold markets closer to rally. Bitcoin aims at four-week winning streak. The price of Bitcoin moved up Friday morning, raising the potential for a four-week winning streak. If Bitcoin closes the week above $3,930, it would be the most consecutive weekly gains since early 2018. While Bitcoin prices have stay... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/13/2019 Gold dips Monday morning as equity markets gain new support. New Brexit vote scheduled for Tuesday.  Platinum/Palladium ratio remains wide. While Silver prices have been stronger, it may be trading into some resistance. Market analyst Paul Robinson, writing for Read More

Gold Prices Decline as Equities Gain Support

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/11/2019 Gold dips Monday morning as equity markets gain new support. New Brexit vote scheduled for Tuesday.  Platinum/Palladium ratio remains wide. As equity markets garnered more support Monday morning, Gold prices slipped. The yellow metal dipped to $1,294.22 per troy ounce as of 10:40 a.m. (ET) Monday, following a brief visit a... Read More

Gold Rebounds Ahead of U.S. Jobs Report

Gold prices lift as U.S. jobs report looms. China’s central bank lowers 2019 growth target. Bitcoin aims for a fourth day of gains. Friday morning, Gold prices saw a significant lift for the first time in multiple weeks. This upward movement came as the U.S. dollar slipped downward and market watchers stayed focused on an upcoming jobs report. Signs of a global economic slowdown seem to be rising and new employment data from the United State... Read More

Gold Prices Sink as Yields Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/4/2019 Rising Treasuries send Gold prices downward. U.S. jobs report this week could influence Gold prices.  Study finds increase in global Silver production. Last week, Gold futures fell more than 1 percent, hitting the lowest price since late J... Read More

Gold Sinks as U.S. Economic Data Boosts Dollar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 3/12019 Gold spot price sinks as dollar firms up. Palladium upswing could save South African mining industry.  Facebook rumored to have Bitcoin rival in development. The price of Gold sank to two-week lows Friday morning as the U.S. dollar gained strength from positive economic data. The losses for Gold were minimized, however, by o... Read More

Gold Hits Two-Week Lows

As the U.S. dollar experiences a bounce-back, Gold prices sank to two-week lows Wednesday. Following remarks from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, many investors lost hope of a fast resolution to trade disputes between the U.S. and China. In a report from Reuters India, Gold futures f... Read More

Tariff Deadline Change Boosts Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/25/2019 Optimistic news regarding U.S.-China tariff talks boosts Gold spot prices. Palladium hits record high price.  Silver markets once again show signs of a bullish turnaround. The price of Gold got a boost Monday morning after news of productive trade negotiations between the U.S. and China. President Donald Trump said he would delay the tariff hike longer than initially stated in ho... Read More

Gold on Track for Weekly Gain Amid Weak U.S. Market Report

As the U.S. dollar continues to show weakness, Gold prices are poised for a second weekly gain. As of 8:49 a.m. (ET) Friday, Gold futures were up 0.26 percent, while spot prices were up 0.39 percent, according to CNBC. Recent support for Gold was fueled by less-than-positive U.S. economic data and concerns over a slowdown in growt... Read More

Palladium Prices Break $1,500 Per Ounce

For the first time, Palladium prices rose above $1,500 per troy ounce. Australia reports this upward movement is primarily due to an ongoing supply deficit. New concerns bubbled up as reports from South Africa, a leading producer of Platinum Group Metals, indicate new challenges for the mining industry. Recent power blackouts i... Read More

Gold Prices Hit Two-Week High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/18/2019 Gold bullion prices hit a two-week high. Federal Reserve speeches scheduled for Friday could offer new U.S. policy insights. Power crisis in South Africa provides new challenge to Precious Metals mining industry. Gold traded at its highest price in more than two weeks during international trading Monday morning. This upward movement came after the U.S. dollar weakened from rumors the ... Read More

Gold Price Up After Trump’s National Emergency Speech

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/15/2019 The price of Gold and all Precious Metals get boost from Trump's morning speech. The outlook for Gold prices in 2019 brightens amid changing inflation expectations. JPMorgan Chase announces its own cryptocurrency. In a televised speech Friday morning, U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, calling for the construction of a southern border wall. Following the speech... Read More

Pending U.S.-China Trade Resolution Challenges Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/13/2019 Hope for U.S.-China trade war resolution challenges Gold price. The diminishing potential for another government shutdown builds market confidence. Palladium shortage likely to worsen in the coming year. As news mounts that the United States and China may finally resolve a months-long trade war, Gold prices are challenged. Precious Metals like Read More

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